Joanne Peh launches her own podcast but will 'stay away' from other celebs' sob stories

The actress' new podcast is called ‘What Do I Know?’

Mandy How | April 20, 2022, 06:57 PM

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Even though you're accustomed to seeing Joanne Peh on TV, she might be appearing on your YouTube or Spotify recommendations soon, if not already.

That's because the local actress, who has since evolved into a director and entrepreneur as well, is now also a podcast host.

The series, titled "What Do I Know?" launched on Apr. 13, with two episodes currently published.

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Here, you'll find the 39-year-old talking to a multitude of people, ranging from fellow celebs to scientists and even spiritual healers.

Peh's first episode features musician and content creator Annette Lee, whom we've come to associate with "The Caifan Song".

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But it was quite a fortuitous turn of events that led Peh to Lee.

"Actually I knew her [Lee] because of this livestream job that we did together, but honestly I didn't know who she was at the time," Peh said in a conversation with Mothership.

Peh later learnt that Lee made video content and was from SGAG, but didn't "pay much attention" even then.

It was only during the Covid-19 period that Lee, and other young content creators like her, caught Peh's eye.

"Because you know, it was a very dark time, right? With Covid dragged on for so long, you don't really know when it's going to end and then with my renovation also, you know, dragging out, it's just a lot of like unhappiness and misery going on at that time."

Another personality that Peh mentioned was YouTuber Royce Lee, who was "hilarious" in his skit of the MBS Badge Lady incident.

"[...] It was very comforting for me to watch their videos and it just made me laugh, you know, in a very unexpected way," the actress added.

Not just celebs on the podcast

Seeing how popular celebrity talkshows and podcasts are these days, I asked Peh if there was a reason she decided not to focus exclusively on interviewing fellow artistes.

She explains,

"I think the intent of my show is also not to be some sort of like an exposé of any sort, you know, and I feel that that a lot of shows, not just podcasts, but variety shows, have also done that as well. I'm just not sure if it'll be refreshing for the audience if they hear it again."

That said, Peh has invited a few celeb friends to the podcast, but they will be discussing specific events that have not been touched on before, which she knows from having a personal relationship with them.

The actress finds this a more meaningful approach, as opposed to simply getting her famous guests to retell their stories.

"I kind of want to stay away from too much [of a] sob story as well, because I think that comes up quite a bit. And while I'm sure it's not intentional lah [...], but sometimes when you when you have a heart-to-heart talk, you just kind of get a bit emotional, so I also get that as well."

The podcast also gives her an excuse to reach out to strangers in various occupations to share their stories and insights without sounding "fishy", Peh laughingly admits.

'Trauma' from past Star Awards wins

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Besides the podcast, you can catch Peh at another upcoming occasion: Star Awards 2022, taking place on Apr. 24.

This year, the 39-year-old is in the running for two categories, including Best Actress.

But if you recall, her last two wins were not happy occasions for her.

The first time she won, Peh previously told us, she got "so much sh*t" for it, and was told that she was undeserving of the accolade.

Her second trophy was no better—it brought her to tears, so overwhelmed she was by the potentially negative media attention.

Therefore, when asked how she feels about this year's nomination, Peh says: "You know, I tell myself that this year if I win, I deserve to enjoy it. Just enjoy and be happy for myself."

There is still a "little bit of a trauma" that lingers over the shoulder, she adds candidly.

"So it will also be, I guess, a test for myself to see how I would respond to it."

"[...] I am cautiously telling myself a lot of positive affirmation, that if do win I must be happy for myself, that I deserve it, and I have every reason to celebrate. And I shouldn't allow anybody else to say otherwise."

You can watch the first episode of Peh's podcast below, or listen to it on Spotify here.

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