20-week pregnant woman claims she suffered miscarriage after waiting 4 hours at KKH, hospital appeals to her to contact them

The woman came forward after knowing about a similar case recently.

Belmont Lay | March 24, 2022, 09:50 PM

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Editor’s note: Wake Up Singapore has put up a fresh post to inform the public that the documents sent to them were doctored and likely false. WUSG has apologised to KKH. The woman admitted she lied after KKH made a police report regarding the incident.

Another incident involving a pregnant woman losing her baby after waiting for hours to be attended to at a Singapore hospital has been shared online.

The first-person account was put up by Wake Up, Singapore on March 23.

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What pregnant woman claimed

The expectant mother, who was 20-weeks pregnant during end-February 2022, alleged that she was bleeding profusely while left waiting to be attended to at KK Women's and Children's Hospital (KKH) drop-of point, outside of the hospital.

Her identity was not revealed in the post.

However, a copy of the hospital's bill was posted and showed that the incident supposedly happened on Feb. 28.

Mother was Covid-19 positive

The expectant mother had tested positive for Covid-19 through an antigen rapid test at the time of her emergency.

She wrote that she had several Covid-19 symptoms and severe abdominal pains.

She claimed she first went to her registered hospital in the morning, but was denied treatment given her Covid-19 positive status.

She claimed she was instructed to go to the “Infectious Disease Gynae” that was “apparently only available at KKH".

But to try her luck, she claimed she tried visiting a private hospital instead of KKH, but was also denied treatment.

Both these hospitals were not named.

The expectant mother only reached KKH at around 2pm.

She was allegedly denied treatment.

She and her husband allegedly pleaded with the hospital and said they had already been denied treatment at other hospitals.

The expectant mother was then instructed to wait at the drop-off area at the hospital.

A doctor only attended to her four hours later.

She claimed to have suffered a miscarriage in that time.

Other graphic claims revealed

At about 5pm, and still not attended to by a doctor, the woman's husband went to seek help from a nurse but was turned away as he was not allowed inside the hospital.

The woman said she was bleeding profusely at this point and waited another 20 minutes before a nurse attended to her.

She alleged she was then asked to urinate into a cup while bleeding as the hospital needed to take a "sample".

By this point, the woman claimed she had bled through her dress.

The woman then said she was transferred to a bed, but at this point, she said she knew she was losing her baby.

A doctor then saw the woman at 6pm, but said a senior doctor was needed instead.

The woman then asked the doctor if she needed to do an ultrasound scan, but was allegedly told there was no need to as the baby was already dead.

The woman claimed she started to cry and in the midst of doing so, the baby came out of her while she was alone in the room.

Her husband was not with her as he was not allowed into the hospital.

The woman then claimed she passed out.

When she came to, she was told she suffered a miscarriage.

When the woman asked if she could have the foetus returned to her for a proper burial, she was told it had been dumped out together with the medical waste.

The woman said she was discharged shortly after and given Paracetamol.

After she tested Covid-19 negative, the woman claimed she went back to see her own gynaecologist and was told the residual placenta in her had not been cleaned out.

The remnants, she claimed, were "literally rotting inside" her.

KKH response

In response to Today's queries, a KKH spokesperson said the hospital is appealing for the patient to reach out to it directly and has not heard from the woman yet.

KKH's chairman of the Obstetrics and Gynaecology division, Professor Tan Hak Koon, said the hospital was aware of the online account but has been unable to identify the patient.

Tan said: "We take patient feedback seriously, and are looking into this."

"Despite our best efforts, we are still unable to identify the patient based on the information that is publicly available," he said.

"We are concerned about the patient’s well-being and seek the opportunity to address her concerns, and provide the necessary support."

Tan said the hospital has written to Wake Up, Singapore for the patient’s name in full.

Wake Up Singapore replied that it has asked the patient to contact KKH directly, Tan said.

The hospital is asking the patient to contact it at [email protected]

Previous case

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