Charles Yeo launches NFT collection to raise funds for fines & legal fees

Each NFT has a starting price of 0.02 ETH, or about S$69.

Low Jia Ying | March 14, 2022, 05:48 PM

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Former Reform Party (RP) chairman Charles Yeo launched a non-fungible token (NFT) collection on Sunday (Mar. 13) to raise funds to pay off potential fines and legal fees.

Yeo currently faces charges for wounding religious feelings and harassing a police officer.

He also faces possible fines from the Singapore Law Society relating to these charges, as well as for separate allegations of criminal breach of trust and forgery.

He hopes to raise between S$70,000 to S$100,000 from his NFT collection.

Launches CharlesDAO collection, each NFT starts at 0.02 ETH

Yeo's NFT collection, the CharlesDAO collection, launched on OpenSea with 660 items.

He said CharlesDAO represents true believers of DAO, or Defence Against Oppression.

DAO is more frequently understood to refer to Decentralised Autonomous Organisation instead.

Yeo uses own face for collection

His collection features a series of memes with his face, with many referencing his involvement in the 2020 General Election.

Charles #660 references the 28.09 per cent vote share his party received when they contested at the Ang Mo Kio Group Representative Constituency.

Image via CharlesDAO.

Other items also feature meme-y references of his political opinions.

A Chinese catchphrase associated with Yeo roughly means, "How can this be?"

Image via CharlesDAO.

Other buzzy visual formats Yeo created play on his street image.

Image via CharlesDAO.

Image via CharlesDAO.

Image via CharlesDAO.

Each item has a floor price of 0.02 Ethereum (ETH), or about S$69.

At the time of writing, Yeo's NFT collection has raised about 0.24 ETH, or about S$830.

His NFTs will be available for sale until Sunday, Mar. 20, 2022.

Raising funds for fines and legal fees

Yeo has been attempting to crowdfund his fees since January 2022, by asking people to PayNow him directly.

According to an update four weeks ago, he has managed to raise S$16,000 this way.

However, Yeo explained in his Instagram Stories that the S$16,000 raised was "really a tiny drop in the ocean" when compared to the fines and legal fees he would likely face as a result of his charges.

He said he is trying to raise S$70,000 to S$100,000, which he would use to pay off various legal fees and fines:

  1. Legal fees for his harassment and wounding religious feelings cases
  2. Any fine imposed for the harassment and wounding religious feelings cases
  3. Fine from the Law Society for the above cases, as well as costs from disciplinary proceedings
  4. Costs of Law Society disciplinary proceedings for alleged breach of trust and forgery


On Jan. 19, Yeo was charged with wounding the religious feelings of the Christian community with remarks he allegedly made on his Instagram and Facebook pages.

He was also charged under the Protection from Harassment Act (POHA) for allegedly posting Instagram Stories with threatening, abusive and insulting remarks against a police officer.

Yeo also faces charges for his alleged involvement in offences of criminal breach of trust and forgery at his law firm, Whitefield Law Corporation.

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Top photos via CharlesDAO