Man discovers SIA limited edition batik mahjong set contains errors

May affect chances to "Kong".

Low Jia Ying | February 05, 2022, 06:34 PM

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[UPDATE on Feb. 6 at 6:30pm: This article has been updated with a statement from KrisShop]

After playing rounds of mahjong using his 2020 limited edition Singapore Airlines batik mahjong set, a man in Singapore noticed an error in the tiles that would have affected gameplay.

In mahjong, there are four tiles for each number in each suit.

The error in the man's mahjong set was not obvious until all the tiles were lined up in order and he realised that his set came with one additional "three circle" tile, and was missing a "five circle" tile.

This was according to Instagram Stories shared by the man and picked up by AsiaOne.

His version appeared to be the 2020 edition of the mahjong set, which retailed for S$338 before GST, or could be purchased with 42,250 miles.

The set was wildly popular when it launched and quickly sold out.

Noticed error after playing a few rounds

According to AsiaOne, the man uploaded a series of Instagram Stories on Jan. 31 to share his shocking discovery after playing a few rounds with his new mahjong set.

Photo via AsiaOne.

Clearly, this error has implications if one wants to "kong", or to get a set of four identical tiles.

Another video shows potential design flaw

An eagle-eyed commenter on a YouTube video reviewing the 2020 SIA mahjong set also pointed out a flaw in the numbering of certain tiles.

Screenshot via YouTube.

The commenter said the numbering of the flower tiles is "wrong".

He said that the Chrysanthemum (菊) tile should be numbered "3" while the Bamboo (竹) tile should be numbered "4", in order to match the seasons.

Screenshot via YouTube.

This printing seemed to be consistent with the rest of the tiles in the 2020 version of the mahjong set, as seen from official pictures of the set from KrisShop.

Photo via KrisShop.

However, unlike the other case of the man's wrong number of tiles, this flaw does not have any major implications on how the game is played.

Likely fixed

In KrisShop's 2021 version of the mahjong set, the design flaw appeared fixed, with the bamboo tile numbered "4", as is typical of most mahjong sets.

Photo via KrisShop.

KrisShop's 2021 mahjong set is available for purchase at S$388, excluding GST, or 48,500 miles.

KrisShop statement

In a statement on Feb. 6, KrisShop addressed the issue of the error in the tiles, as well as the different numbering of the Chrysanthemum and Bamboo tiles.

It said it reached out to the customer whose set had the wrong number of tiles, and would be making "arrangements for the affected tiles".

As for the sequence of the flower tiles, KrisShop said "both sequences (梅兰菊竹 and 梅兰竹菊) are traditionally acceptable".

However, it added that it "recognise[s] that the first of the two is more common in Singapore."

Thus, in response to customer feedback, KrisShop used the sequence that is more common locally in the 2021 edition of the mahjong set "for a more intuitive gameplay".

"KrisShop remains committed to delivering quality products and takes all customer-related feedback and issues seriously," said the statement.

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Top photos via KrisShop and AsiaOne