'I just want my life back': Titus Low addresses arrest & court case in YouTube video

He described his experience in custody as "traumatic".

Zi Shan Kow | January 08, 2022, 01:05 AM

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Singapore OnlyFans creator Titus Low has taken to YouTube to speak about his experience being arrested and charged recently.

Low was charged in court on Dec. 30 on two counts of transmitting obscene material via electronic means, and one count of failing to comply with an order issued to him.

"Not an easy 'job'"

In the video, he talked about his OnlyFans journey, and said that there have been "a lot of rumours and untruths" that he wanted to clarify.

Low said that he came from a broken family and therefore, always sought to be independent.

Despite his fear, he left home at 19, claiming that he "would rather be broke trying to survive than be dependent on my family".

He initially struggled to make ends meet, and being an OnlyFans creator was what enabled him to get his own place and support himself.

Low noted that though being an OnlyFans performer might look like easy money to some, his own OnlyFans journey was "tough".

"Early into this 'job', my content on OnlyFans was leaked in July," said Low.

"This caused me a lot of mental stress, not only because my intimate photos were being on unregulated sites, but also I had an ongoing case of anxiety and adjustment disorder."

Regardless, he said that he had to do what he did to survive.

Losing his main income

Low then talked about his legal case, starting with the police report lodged against him on Sep. 4.

"Till today, I don't know who made the report, and I don't know why," he said.

On Oct. 11, five police officers arrived at his house to confiscate his phone, his iPad, his iCloud login, and all the details of his OnlyFans account, he said.

With OnlyFans as his main source of income, Low was stressed about his finances.

"If I ever have the chance to rewind time, I would, of course, be more savvy and have a more sustainable lifestyle," said a dejected-looking Low.

Upon reflection, he said that he is in this state because being young, he "[wanted] to have the life I used to dream of".

According to the police, Low allegedly regained access to his account and continued posting obscene materials, despite being warned not to do so.

On Nov. 2, the police seized his spare phone and his OnlyFans account a second time.

During this period, he said that felt anxious and worried if he would be able to pay his bills, as he had made some big purchases just before that he "kind of regret now".

He also said he felt like his helpless 19-year-old self, even though he had told himself he would never be in the same situation again.

"A traumatic experience"

When he headed down to the police station on Dec. 29 for an update on the case, Low thought that it meant his case would be closed, and his belongings would be returned.

When he was informed that he would be arrested, and charged in court the next day, he said: "I was very shocked, because I felt very scared and just very helpless."

Low was handcuffed and brought into custody awaiting bail.

He said that the lock up, which lasted six or seven hours, was "quite a traumatic experience".

"I just felt like the space — no phone, no wall, hard concrete ground — just a very bad experience," he described.

"I had a lot of thoughts that, I'm all alone, like no one's helping me here, what am I going to do now — how am I going to face the world?"

A bigger issue at hand

"I think that this conversation is far greater than me," he expressed.

According to Low, the OnlyFans community in Singapore creates content for people on the basis that everything is consensual.

"If I don't impede your life, and your lifestyle, to the person who reported me —why are you impeding on mine?" he questioned.

He hopes that this incident can "get people talking and thinking about how inclusive our society is in 2022".

Adding that he will be cooperating with the police, Low said: "I just want my life back."

Though he will not be posting on OnlyFans "for now", he said that his account is still up for people to subscribe and view his old posts.

He then assured viewers that he will continue "bringing my energy" to other platforms like Youtube, TikTok, and Instagram, and ended the video by thanking his fans for their support.

Low's case has been adjourned to Jan. 20, 2022 for investigations to be completed.

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Top image by Titus Low/Youtube.