Isetan Katong closing down end Jan. 2022 after 39 years

So long and goodbye.

Fasiha Nazren | January 21, 2022, 11:38 AM

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After 39 years, Isetan will be closing its Parkway Parade outlet in end-January 2022.

Closing end-January

This was announced in a Jan. 20 Facebook Live session on Isetan's page.

To commemorate the store, Isetan has had several final sales and contests.[0]=AZViBuhsju1ZXJQD3AyLREh54E4ebZrFGfGBdcxCl7_s78yfuC03lnhDe_iM8vnyrCXioRQQz0LlKwIvOTZpSk_WpEVv_Ul6xga5VhL13nYFxN5FVYetTlUbaYdNTMlRTnf6hfcTNxMcL92xgn5q3da0&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R

Also known as the Isetan Katong outlet, it was the Japanese department store's third outlet in Singapore.

It first opened its doors in December 1983.

The impending closure was first announced in Aug. 2021, after negotiations with the landlord "did not yield a positive result".

The lease for the Katong outlet is slated to end on Mar. 9, 2022.

Three outlets left

In Dec. 2019, Isetan closed its Westgate outlet when its lease expired.

Following the closure of the Katong outlet, Isetan still has three other outlets at Shaw House, Tampines Mall and Nex.

Top image from Google Maps.

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