Wang Leehom breaks silence, says he lived in fear throughout 5 years of marriage


Mandy How | December 20, 2021, 01:17 AM

Editor's note on Dec. 20, 9:40am: Lee Jinglei's alleged asking sum and settlement sum has been edited to RMB 200 million and RMB150 million respectively.

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Fallen singer Wang Leehom has finally broken his silence two days after the damning allegations from his ex-wife, Lee Jinglei.


The four-paged letter in Chinese denies all allegation of infidelity, and echoes the same sentiments that Wang's father had published the day before, implying that Lee is a gold-digger who is spinning untruths.

Here's a point-form summary/translation of his statement:

  •  Wang says that today is the saddest day of his life.
  • He is in a dilemma: he has to address the allegations, but in a way that does not hurt his children's mother (i.e. Lee).
  • If he doesn't reply, everyone will think that the allegations are true. Therefore, it is his social responsibility to respond to every single one of them.
  • But it is difficult to strike a balance.
  • The singer apologises for any hurt that he will cause in advance, and said that he does not wish to hurt Lee and their children.
  • He categorically denies any infidelity on his part, during their marriage.
  • He got to know his wife, then-called Michiko Nishimura , in 2003 at a concert.
  • However, they did not contact each other afterwards for more than 10 years.
  • He provides a blurry email screenshot of their supposed first correspondence, when Lee was already 26 and not a minor.

Interestingly, this first page was deleted shortly after.

  • They were married for five years and eight months, from Nov. 27, 2013, to their separation on Aug. 5, 2019.
  • In the five years and eight months, he lived in fear, as well as under threats and extortions.
  • Lee got pregnant shortly after they started dating.
  • Wang was both shocked and happy, as he wanted children but hadn't reached the stage of marriage discussion with Lee.
  • Lee allegedly threatened to disappear with the child if Wang did not marry her immediately.
  • Seeing how agitated she was, Wang agreed to the marriage. He also claimed that Lee had gotten physical.
  • They registered their marriage in New York City on the same day.
  • He thought that was the most harrowing day of his life, but it's nothing compared to what he's going through now.
  • Wang acknowledged the problems that plagued their marriage.
  • From Mar. 2014, the couple visited a marriage counsellor/psychologist.
  • They visited five professionals, but to no avail.
  • He had still hoped to work towards a harmonious family life.
  • After their separation, in Dec. 2020, the two began to talk seriously about the divorce agreement.
  • Lee reportedly conveyed through a mediator that she would destroy his career if he did not agree to her demands.

  • The mediator said that there was recorded evidence to do that, but Wang has yet to hear such a thing.
  • Lee is not as innocent as she makes herself to be, the singer claims.
  • She initially asked for RMB 200 million, but both parties eventually agreed on RMB 150 million, as well as half of their property in Los Angeles, half of the investment stocks they own, and a monthly alimony of RMB210,000.
  • Lee had also allegedly asked for a nanny, chauffeur, car, domestic helper, and to live in their Taipei home till (presumably their children are) 18 years.
  • These are so that Lee can have a comfortable find, but she apparently finds it "too little."
  • But money is not an issue, Wang wrote. Their three darling kids are what's important.
  • He pleads with Lee to come at him alone, instead of using the internet where things are indelible, posing more harm to their children growing up.

  • Wang also pleads to see his children.
  • He apologises to his friends and parents for troubling them with his failed marriage.
  • He says that his essay is not as good as Lee's, and reiterates that he will address the false allegations by her.

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Top image via Lee Jinglei's Instagram page, Wang Leehom's Facebook page