S'pore man says he'll show NRIC in video call, gives overseas scammer middle finger instead

Scammer laughed along because he probably had a long day getting the usual responses.

Low Jia Ying | December 15, 2021, 02:49 PM

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A man in Singapore, who was clearly waiting for this day to arrive, was more than ready to give a scammer a piece of his mind -- as well as a middle finger accompanied with smiles and laughter.

The entirety of the exchange between a scammer and a man in Singapore was recorded and put up on TikTok, showcasing the latest development in a series of police-lookalike scams targeting people in Singapore.

Scammer tried to get NRIC details

In a TikTok video uploaded on Dec. 14, user @NameSayeNas shared a video call he had with the scammer and the hilarious exchange that ensued.

Appearing in front of a blue background with the words "Singapore Police Force", the scammer introduced himself as an officer from the "CID department from the police force", likely referencing the Criminal Investigation Department in Singapore.

However, this scammer did away with the cosplay police uniform get-up, and was simply dressed in a white t-shirt and blazer to look more officious.

via @NameSayeNas/TikTok.

Scammer from Pakistan

In his caption, the TikTok user claimed that he had received a WhatsApp video call from a number starting with +92, which is the country code of Pakistan.

The caller then claimed that the Singapore man's debit card had been declined as he did not update his NRIC particulars with the bank.

Getting up from a comfortable position on his bed, the man in Singapore grinned widely, seemingly aware of the ploy the alleged scammer was trying to pull off.

Flipped scammer off and cussed at him

The man in Singapore tried questioning the scammer on which bank he was referring to, saying that he had "four banks".

The scammer, however, pressed on and insisted that the man show him his NRIC first.

Appearing to relent, the user pretended to reach over to his wallet and engaged the scammer in the following exchange:

TikTok user: "Eh by the way, what's your name?"

Scammer: "This is John Michael, sir."

User: "John Michael, okay, here is my IC."

Scammer: "Yes, show me please."

The scammer looked on earnestly, only for the man in Singapore to produce his middle finger.

via @NameSayeNas/TikTok.

Both men laughed

This action elicited laughter from both men, as it confirmed that the swindle game being played by both sides is officially over as both their covers were blown.

They both then shared a hearty laugh, and the man in Singapore told the alleged scammer: "F**k off man, I know already, that is a background, come on."

They both giggle some more and the scammer politely ended the conversation: "Okay thank you sir, have a nice day."

The Singapore man responded with some niceties and ended the call.

You can view the full exchange here:

@namesayenasBe careful out there guys..♬ original sound - NameSayeNas

Similar police scams

Similar cases in the past few weeks showed a scammer dressed to look like a Singapore police officer and appearing before a fake background.

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Top photos via @namesayenas/TikTok