Scammer hides chest hair & changes cap after being called out for looking like fake S'pore police

Scammer taking your feedback seriously.

Belmont Lay | December 08, 2021, 06:11 PM

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Do you ever feel like your voice isn't heard?

Well, don't feel that way.

Because an alleged scammer targeting people in Singapore has certainly heard you and has changed his style according to your timely feedback of looking too fake.

This development on the criminal front was brought to light on Facebook on Dec. 8.

What happened previously?

An alleged scammer, who was seen dressed to look like a personnel from the Singapore Police Force, appeared to have been improving his appearance to look more like the real deal.

This was after he was called out in late November for being lazy in not wearing the correct cap, while exposing his chest hair, which is highly unprofessional because the Singapore Police Force will never allow that.

Also, the alleged scammer of south Asian descent, was accused of cold calling people on this island in an attempt to make his callers part with their money using nothing but his words and appearance, yet did not work hard enough at lowering people's guard by maintaining his credibility first.

Improved appearance

But a week of insults and feedback has since done him some good.

Previously, the alleged scammer's cap displayed a recognisable New York Yankees logo beside a faux SPF logo -- a low quality simulation.

In his latest makeover, Johnny Scammer donned a dark cap devoid of logos.

He also buttoned up his shirt to hide his unkempt chest hair and stop them from peeking out from underneath the fabric, as it was his previous untidy appearance that gave him away as a low-cost cosplayer.

His eyebrows also appeared trimmed now.

To add a touch of officialdom, the alleged scammer even put on a blue lanyard to show he can exude authority because anyone in a position of power owns one at some point while floating up the hierarchy to reach the higher rungs of authority.

However, another photo of the scammer has emerged, which showed that he might still have his work cut out for him.

Because his cap now has the Adidas logo.


Could be different scammer

But, of course, the other scammer and this current one might not even be the same person, and both just happen to share the same modus operandi.

If they are different, apologies are in order for associating the current alleged scammer with the less effortful alleged scammer previously.

Regardless, this is the phone number on caller ID of the better groomed scammer.

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