BHG's One Assembly at Raffles City to close down on Jan. 3, up to 90% off sales

It has been a year since its launch.

Mandy How | December 21, 2021, 04:40 PM

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One Assembly at Raffles City is closing down on Jan 3, 2022.

The department store is a pop-up collaboration between the mall and BHG Singapore.

In its news release, BHG Singapore said that it looks forward to more partnerships with CapitaLand across other malls, as well as on its e-commerce platforms.

The retail company told The Straits Times (ST) in Jan. 2021 that the concept store is a "short-term pop-up" that will "remain open for the foreseeable future."

When asked why they have decided to close at this time, the BHG spokesperson did not list a concrete reason, but said that Jan. 3, 2022 marks a year since the launch of the store.

"This creative collaboration will come to a successful conclusion on January 3, 2022, which is also in time for Raffles City's rejuvenation plan."

Similar to its news release, the statement added that BHG Singapore and CapitaLand will continue their relationship across other malls.

Up to 90 per cent off

For its closing down sale, One Assembly is offering up to 90 per cent off its products.

This includes a number of categories, such as beauty, apparel, accessories, bedding, kitchen essentials, appliances, children's brands, and health products.

In particular, selected fragrances are going for 30 per cent off, with individual K-beauty brands selling at a discount as well.

Image via One Assembly

Image via One Assembly

Image via One Assembly

Image via One Assembly

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Image via One Assembly

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