Lee Jinglei says Wang Leehom allegedly diagnosed with sex addiction, narcissistic personality disorder

Part I.

Mandy How | December 20, 2021, 12:24 PM

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Lee Jinglei has released her third statement in her increasingly messy divorce with Mandopop singer Wang Leehom.

Her rebuke was uploaded in the wee hours of Dec. 20, shortly after Wang broke his silence.

It contains evidence meant to address his accusations of her being a gold-digger, causing him to live in fear from her threats and extortions.

Side track: a fun thing we learnt? Wang's nickname is Bobby.

We translate Lee's post, which can be broken down into an introduction and five points.


  • She addresses Wang directly, saying that he will do anything to protect himself.
  • Not only does he not acknowledge his mistakes, he's trying to deceive and confuse the public as well.
  • He once told her that the best method in a PR (public relations) war is to smear the other party's reputation, and mislead the public into the shifting their focus onto the wrong thing.

1. Waiting for him to address the alleged infidelity

"You weren't disloyal to our marriage? I'm anticipating your detailed reply."

2. Keeping in contact since they first met in 2003

Lee said that they have been in contact since 2003, citing the past incidents that she previously wrote about (being in the same cinema as his ex-girlfriend, for instance), as well as some other dates.

There were apparently mutual friends present who can attest to some of these dates.

3. She has ownership in the properties she "asked" for

Wang had painted Lee as a person with a lion's appetite, asking for a monthly alimony of RMB210,000 (S$44,800), as well as half of their property in Los Angeles, and half of the investment stocks they own.

Lee, however, says that these assets were acquired through both of their hard work during the marriage, and were legally under joint ownership.

She maintains that she did not ask for a monthly alimony, but only a sum to support their children's education and living expenses.

Additionally, she had only asked for existing employees (their chauffeur and domestic helper etc.) not to be fired.

He also made an exception for her to live for "free" in their Taipei house, which she has to return 18 years later.

Image via 李靚蕾Jinglei/Weibo

Image via 李靚蕾Jinglei/Weibo

4. Wang was allegedly diagnosed with sex addiction and narcissistic personality disorder

Instead of Wang living in fear of Lee, Lee says it was the other way round.

According to a psychologist they visited, Lee had allegedly been gaslighted and living under long-term mental abuse by Wang.

The psychologist also diagnosed Wang with sex addiction and narcissistic personality disorder, adding that he would make Lee out to be crazy in front of his friends.

The former couple had only visited two psychologists (including the one she's citing), and not five as he claimed.

According to the psychologist, Wang was trying to change doctors as he wanted to find one that could be convinced by him, and agree that his wife was mentally unstable.

Note: Wang is Bobby, while Lee is Sasha.

Image via 李靚蕾Jinglei/Weibo

Image via 李靚蕾Jinglei/Weibo

5. Wrap up

"It's getting late, on the other points, I will address them soon. To be continued."

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Top image via Lee Jinglei's Instagram page