Lee Jinglei: Blackie Chen & Christine Fan do not have inappropriate relations with Wang Leehom

Chen also subsequently thanked Lee for helping with the clarification. 

Karen Lui | December 22, 2021, 12:11 AM

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If you thought Mandopop singer Wang Leehom's apology has put to rest any further mud-slinging between him and his ex-wife, Lee Jinglei, think again.

On Dec. 21, Lee clarified that Taiwanese celebrity couple Blackie Chen and Christine Fan do not have any "inappropriate relations" with Wang.

Chen and Fan with Lee and Wang. Image via Weibo.


In a Weibo post dated Dec. 21, the 35-year-old wrote:

"Based on my understanding, Blackie Chen and Christine Fan do not have any inappropriate relations with Wang."

Screen shot via Lee Jinglei's Weibo.

This statement apparently targets rumours on Weibo alleging that Wang was having inappropriate relationships with Vivian Hsu, Christine Fan, and Blackie Chen.

Unlike previous statements, this brief clarification was only posted on Lee's Weibo.


The rumours originated from Lee's initial post which mentioned that one of Wang's "special friend" included a woman who was married with a child.

While Lee did not identify this said married woman, netizens speculated that Lee could be referring to Hsu as she added that Wang insisted on going to her home for a gathering with her despite knowing that he would break the law.

"There's a woman who's married herself with a kid, but she wants you to lie to her husband too. Your past of casual hookups with her makes me very uncomfortable, because even after we got married, she continued to behave amorously towards you, while you responded in kind passionately. If there's really nothing to hide, there's no need to rope you in to lie to her husband as well.

When I said I was okay with interactions on a normal social setting with her, but that I wasn't comfortable with inviting her to our home, you got really mad, and said there would be no more Christmas parties at our place. Even when you knew that you'd be breaking the law, you insisted on going over to her home for a gathering with her."

Earlier in September, Wang was fined for breaching Covid-19 rules for being spotted at a gathering.

Hsu was the host of the gathering while Chen and Fan were also present.

Fan (in green), Chen (in black), Hsu (in purple) and Wang (in white), pictured at a gathering. Image via Weibo. 

Online reactions

Despite the brevity of her latest statement, many netizens were quick to read between the lines.

Comment translates as "Vivian Hsu's husband has gotten angrier". Screen shot via Lee Jinglei's Weibo.

Comment translates as "I understand now, the four-way affair is false, [the part about] Vivian Hsu is true". Screen shot via Lee Jinglei's Weibo.

Comment translates as "So it's Vivian Hsu..." Screen shot via Lee Jinglei's Weibo.

While a number of netizens applauded Lee for clarifying in order to clear the names of Chen and Fan, others questioned her intention of continuing with the social media exposé posts even after Wang's apology on Dec. 20.

In response to Apple Daily Taiwan's enquiries about whether she was hinting at Hsu through elimination, Lee denied and said that she was merely asked to clarify this matter for Chen and Fan.

Chen also subsequently thanked Lee for helping with the clarification.

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