Wang Leehom to stop work temporarily, promises to give ex-wife Lee JingLei the house she's living in

Can we finally kiss goodbye to this saga?

Zhangxin Zheng | December 20, 2021, 01:07 PM

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Mandopop singer Wang Leehom has officially apologised to his ex-wife Lee JingLei, in a statement on the noon of Dec. 20.

Wang also said that he will stop work temporarily to spend more time with his family and children.

He added that he will transfer the ownership of the house, where Lee and their three children are currently living in, to Lee.

Prior to this, Wang was only willing to let Lee live in the house for free for 18 years.

Here's the statement:

Full translation:

"After thinking about it, a man should still bear full responsibility. I don't want to further explain or defend myself. It's all my fault for not sustaining my marriage well, causing my family much trouble, and not keeping up the positive image that is expected of an idol.  I would like to officially apologise to my father, mother, Jinglei and our children. It's pointless to argue about the past since we've ended our marriage. From now on, I will take note of my behaviour, bear the responsibility of a father, a son, and a public figure. I will try my best to support Jinglei and our children, both financially and in their daily lives.

I plan to pause work, so that I have more time with my parents and children, and to make up for the harm that this saga has inflicted on them. Jinglei, we still have to raise the three children together. I will transfer the house that you guys are living in to you. I will also take part and bear the costs of raising and educating our children. I definitely did not handle this matter well. I would like to apologise to everyone once again."

Prior to this, Lee had previously asked for a public apology from Wang by 3pm yesterday (Dec. 19), but Wang did not do so.

Instead, Wang attempted to hit back at Lee with several accusations late last night, adding on to what his father alleged.

However, netizens did not seem to buy Wang's side of story, and pointed out several typos and loopholes.

Lee retaliated on the same night, substantiating her rebuke with several screenshots.

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Top image via Wang Leehom/Facebook and Lee JingLei/Instagram