Online user spams JJ Lin with cryptic messages about their 'friendship,' singer refutes it in statement

JFJ Productions explain that they do not wish to use public resources over the actions of a few troublemakers.

Karen Lui | December 24, 2021, 11:27 AM

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Amidst the post-divorce mud-slinging between Mandopop singer Wang Leehom and his ex-wife, Lee Jinglei, a particular netizen has been leaving very public messages to homegrown singer JJ Lin on Twitter and Weibo, which has been gaining attention recently.

On Dec. 22, Lin's company, JFJ Productions, has put out a public statement on Instagram, refuting "untrue and baseless insinuations" against him.

Not worth using public resources

In response to media queries about the recent spread of messages on public platforms, JFJ Productions has released a public statement.

They preface the statement by saying that they do not believe that the messages necessitate any usage of social resources.

They call on all media outlets and influential social media account holders to stop making untrue and baseless insinuations.

Lin and the company typically do not respond to perpetrators who deliberately defame, create, and spread rumours, the statement read.

JFJ Productions explain that they do not wish to use up public resources over the actions of a few troublemakers.

However, it does not mean that the rumours are true, or that they condone these malicious perpetrators, the statement added.

Monitoring and collecting evidence

According to JFJ Productions, they have been closely monitoring the development online and have been collecting evidence of such malicious actions.

They will protect Lin's legal rights in adherence to the law, they wrote.

The company ends the statement with a fair challenge to those who try to smear Lin's reputation:

"If anyone is in possession of evidence pertaining to JJ Lin's alleged criminal involvement, please report it to the relevant authorities. JJ Lin and the company will co-operate with the investigative work of the relevant authorities in order to put an end to the rumours and groundless accusations."

Check out the original statement in Chinese here:

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What might have provoked the statement

Going by the Twitter handle @Love_peace2022_, this netizen first tweeted a message to Lin on Dec. 21, in response to an unrelated tweet he posted on Dec. 17.

The anonymous user asks the singer if he has received "close to hundreds of messages" within the month that they have asked his family and friends to forward to him.

According to the user, they decided to ask him on Twitter after waiting for almost a month and beseeched him to get in touch upon receiving those messages.

Similar content have also been reposted on the user's Weibo account under the handle C-peaceful-and-quiet1011.

Photos of Singapore's skyline were uploaded to the posts, which also tagged Lin in them.

Photo by C-peaceful-and-quiet1011 on Weibo.

Photo by C-peaceful-and-quiet1011 on Weibo.

Photo by C-peaceful-and-quiet1011 on Weibo.

According to the netizen's Weibo posts, Lin has been a pillar of strength to the user during their darkest days. The post also claims that Lin's unresponsiveness stems from his refusal to forgive the person, but the user did not clarify the situation.

On Dec. 22, the user said, "Today is my 28th day in Singapore waiting to apologize to a very kind and very handsome friend that I really cherish."

Even after JFJ Productions's latest statement, the user did not hesitate to post another update on Twitter and Weibo on Dec. 23.

According to the message, the user is "still waiting to personally discuss matters between the two of us" with Lin and "does not wish to take up the time of netizens who express support or scepticism".

The Weibo post also included two screenshots of private messages that date back to Aug. 5.

The private messages appear to be sent by the same user, telling Lin to cheer up and to take care of himself.

Screen shot by C-peaceful-and-quiet1011 on Weibo.

Screen shot by C-peaceful-and-quiet1011 on Weibo.

While the messages have been gaining attention, they are mostly words of support and longing and do not contain any hard evidence or specific allegations about the singer.

As a result, some Weibo netizens encouraged the user to divulge hard-hitting allegations if they had any, while others advised the user to stop spreading baseless rumours to avoid getting sued.

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Top images via @jjlin and @jfj_productions on Instagram.