Ian Fang's emo Instagram post no longer on his feed

Quite fast.

Mandy How | November 16, 2021, 10:45 AM

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Although it was actress Rebecca Lim who announced her engagement to a mystery man yesterday (Nov. 15), plenty of eyes were on Ian Fang instead.

That's because Fang, 31, is Lim's rumoured ex who had allegedly cheated on her.

The latter made a show of his melancholy online, with an Instagram post making comparisons to the local industry's golden couple, Fann Wong and Christopher Lee.

Fang's post was uploaded some hours before Lim's announcement, though.

The actor also lashed out at social media users who criticised him for not cherishing Lim previously, and for his emotional public display.

Fang's post was uploaded in the evening of Nov. 15, but it was gone from his feed by 9:15am on Nov. 16.

If you need a recap:

"Vanishing in a glance like a cloud, soundlessly, without bringing anything with it.

Not every Christopher Lee will have a Fann Wong; not every Fann Wong will find their Christopher Lee. Not everyone can be like Christopher Lee and Fann Wong. Everyone thinks that you might be like them, but not everyone thinks you will be the next Christopher Lee and Fann Wong too."

Two Instagram Stories that were linked to the occasion are also currently available, ahead of their 24-hour expiration.

No other content has been uploaded to Fang's Instagram page at time of writing.

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Top image via Ian Fang's Instagram page