Ex-actor Huang Yiliang, 60, says it's 'heartbreaking' to hear daughter Chantalle Ng say those things on camera

His first livestream.

Zhangxin Zheng | September 27, 2021, 04:21 AM

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Former Channel 8 actor Huang Yiliang took to Facebook live on Sunday evening (Sep. 26) to share his side of his story in response to what daughter Chantalle Ng revealed recently on a talk show.

Ng's revelations about her relationship with her father on the "Hear Me Out" session hosted by Quan Yi Fong, included an explosive accusation about how Huang hit Ng so hard that she was eventually hospitalised.

Ng was around 11 years old when this incident occurred, which led to a police report made against Huang and Ng had to testify in court.

Ng also said she had not been in contact with Huang since Primary 5 as "his temper can be volatile".

Given the nature of this accusation against Huang, the former actor made the news again after Quan's talk show was aired recently.

Huang's response

Taking to Facebook to clear the air, Huang conducted his first livestream on the social media platform, which lasted for around 30 minutes.

During the livestream, the 60-year-old said Ng has refused to see him since the incident.

In the livestream, Huang said he and actress Lin Meijiao, who is his ex-wife, agreed that he would be the "bad cop" when it came to disciplining Ng back then.

Huang said it was Lin who asked him to be the "bad cop", while she was the "good cop" when it came to disciplining Ng.

He described the teenage Ng as easily distracted and that the "tuition centre teacher said that she was very naughty".

He said this was something that he did not share with Ng or to the public before, but he could not bear to stay silent anymore after learning about what Ng said on the talk show.

Huang also asked Ng to check with Lin on this matter.

He added that when he shared his side of story in court back then, he asked for Ng to stay out of the hearing so as to not affect her.

This was an example that Huang raised in the livestream to demonstrate that he cares about Ng's well-being.

Huang said Ng should not have said the things she said on the talk show and it was "heartbreaking" to hear them.

Drafted his will and plans to allocate a portion to Ng and Lin

Towards the end of the livestream, Huang revealed that he had allocated 30 per cent of his assets to Ng and 20 per cent to Lin in a will that he drafted.

Ng explained that he still sees Lin as part of his family even though they have divorced. He also thanked her for giving birth to Ng.

Despite hearing what Ng said on camera, Huang said he will not change the arrangement made in his will.

Huang also said what Ng shared on camera could affect the sentencing for an ongoing court case.

He emphasised that he is "not as bad" as what the media has portrayed him to be.

The livestream started with fewer than 100 viewers and ended with around 1,200 viewers.

The post of the video has been shared over 2,000 times in seven hours, as of the time of writing.

Here's the full livestream:

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Top image via Huang Yiliang's Facebook livestream