Ho Ching: 'Don't be stupid about yelling about flip flopping'

She encouraged those who are vaccinated to be patient.

Jane Zhang | September 28, 2021, 02:24 PM

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Temasek's outgoing CEO Ho Ching has taken to Facebook to set forth her thoughts on Singapore's current and future Covid-19 situation, reminding people to mask up properly and to get vaccinated.

"Do not treat all unvaccinated folks as idiots"

On Monday (Sep. 27), Ho wrote about Singapore's vaccination programme progress, noting that because over 90 per cent of each eligible age group are vaccinated, we can "be relaxed about the risk of Covid dangers".

She encouraged young people to be patient, saying that "we are seeing the light of day" as more and more elderly individuals opt to get vaccinated.

Ho estimated that by the end of the year, there should be another 40,000 to 80,000 seniors over the age of 60 who are vaccinated.

She celebrated the fact that Singapore has done "not too badly" to reach over 90 percent of teenagers and adults vaccinated "without coercion and without bribery".

Ho also encouraged people to show care and patience to those who are slow on the uptake of vaccination.

"Let’s channel our nervous energy and angst to persuading all the old folks to go get vaccinated if they have not already done so. Are we not a better people for lending a hand to help those who are vulnerable, to get their shots done?"

She also reminded people:

"Do not treat all unvaccinated folks as idiots. Some are clearly idiots, but we should [not] do a broad sweep to scold or condemn anyone who has not yet been vaccinated. We do not know what fears drive them."

"Don't be stupid about yelling about flip flopping"

Ho pushed back at those criticising the government's decision to once again increase restrictions due to rising numbers of Covid-19 cases:

"Meanwhile, don’t be stupid about yelling about flip flopping. If a train is barrelling at us down a tunnel, we better (sic) stop and step back, instead of charging ahead recklessly. The tapping of brakes is prudent.

The sacrifices are minor compared to what some industries are going through, and minor compared to what we all went through last year during the circuit breaker."

She encouraged people to be patient for "a while more" and to relax and not "scare ourselves" too much given that Covid-19 is not dangerous for most vaccinated people nor for children and babies.

Ho also expressed that she has "no patience" for anyone "pushing Ivermectin as a magic cure".

"That is wicked," she said. But she noted that she feels doing so under medical guidance or as part of a proper trial would be "ok".

Encouraging everyone to keep well and stay together, she lambasted those complaining loudly but not doing anything to help the situation:

"There are thousands of people each doing their best to help in so many different ways, that we don’t need noisemakers creating a row, beating their chests self centredly about inconveniences to themselves, or cursing the unvaccinated among us, without contributing to make things better."

"If you are upset, just count to 10, and start to slow your breathing — count to [five] as we breathe in, and count to 10 as we breathe out," she advised.

"And remember that the one free bed not taken up by seriously ill Covid patients could be that one bed to save our own lives, perhaps tomorrow, perhaps in the next few months."

Top photo via Facebook / Ho Ching and by Zheng Zhangxin.

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