Apiary ice-creamery selling special edition milk ice cream with honey made by local bees


Ashley Tan | April 20, 2021, 05:18 PM

In celebration of Earth Day on Apr. 22, local ice-creamery Apiary has collaborated with local bee conservation organisation Nutrinest to come up with a special frozen treat.

Honey milk ice cream

The homegrown dessert spot, which has just opened a new outlet in Ang Mo Kio, will include a special edition honey milk ice cream in its line-up of flavours.

The milk ice cream will feature two types of locally sourced honey from two different bee species: Tea Tree honey by Apis cerana bees, and Trigona Berry honey by Trigona bees.

Photo from Nutrinest

The honey will be produced by bees that Nutrinest has helped to rehome.

The honey milk ice cream will be available at both Apiary outlets from Apr. 21 to Apr. 23.

All proceeds from the sales of the ice cream will go directly to Nutrinest's bee conservation efforts.

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Bees, an important pollinator

Nutrinest is a one-man organisation that conducts workshops to promote the conservation of local honeybees, as well as provides humane bee removal services.

Xavier Tan, the founder of Nutrinest, hopes that this collaboration with Apiary will raise awareness of the importance of bees, and urged people to contact bee removal services like his instead of pest control.

Recently, a swarm of bees clustered around a homeowner's bamboo pole has sparked alarm, and led to the bees being exterminated by a pest control company.

A local beekeeper from Bee AMAZED Garden, John Chong, has clarified that the bees were actually in transit in search of a new home, and were unlikely to sting during that period.

Bees are actually an integral part of the ecosystem, and play important roles as pollinators.

Top photo from Nutrinest and Apiary / Google Maps