Joy Luck Teahouse to open new bubble tea concept at Funan on March 31

Egg tarts also available here.

Karen Lui | March 29, 2021, 02:57 PM

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You may have heard of bubble milk tea-flavoured seaweed but have you tried seaweed pearls in bubble tea?

This unique bubble tea topping is available at Joy Luck Yum Sing, Singapore's first Hong-Kong style bubble tea concept by Joy Luck Teahouse.

Opening at Funan on Mar. 31, Joy Luck Yum Sing will serve Hong Kong bubble tea, traditional Hong Kong beverages and its signature egg tarts.

'Pearls of Joy' series

Seaweed Jelly Pearls are one of the two healthier pearl varieties that are featured in the new "Pearls of Joy" series.

Firmer than usual tapioca pearls, the seaweed pearls have fewer calories.

The other pearl variety is the Lychee Popping Pearls whereby juice will ooze out upon biting into it.

Photo by Joy Tea Yum Sing.

Photo by Joy Tea Yum Sing.

Both pearls will be included in the new "Pearls of Joy" series that consists of three bubble fizzy drinks.

From left to right: Honey Lemon Fizz, Sour Plum Fizz, and Lychee Fizz. Photo by Joy Luck Yum Sing.

A fusion of Hong Kong and Singapore influences, the three drinks are Lychee Fizz, Sour Plum Fizz, and Honey Lemon Fizz.

Each beverage costs S$4.80 with pearls and S$3.80 without pearls.

Honey Lemon Fizz. Photo by Joy Luck Yum Sing.

Lychee Fizz. Photo by Joy Luck Yum Sing.

Sour Plum Fizz. Photo by Joy Luck Yum Sing.

Hong Kong-style bubble tea

Unlike the more popular and mainstream Taiwanese milk tea, Hong Kong-style milk tea has a stronger tea taste and typically does not come with boba.

The Pearl of Orient (S$4.80) is a Hong Kong-style bubble tea made with authentic Hong Kong milk tea and brown sugar tapioca balls.

Pearl of Orient. Photo by Joy Luck Yum Sing.

Other offerings

Milo Yin Yang

Created by Joy Luck Teahouse, the Milo Yin Yang consists of coffee, tea, and milo chocolate malt.

It is served hot (S$4.30) or iced (S$4.60).

Milo Yin Yang. Photo by Joy Luck Yum Sing.

8 Treasure Herbal Tea

Known in Mandarin as "Ba Bao Cha", the 8 Treasure Herbal Tea (S$3.80) comprises a special blend of chrysanthemum, dates, liquorice, hawthorn, tangerine skin, wolf berries, green tea, and rock sugar.

Its beneficial properties include aiding detox, improve blood circulation, skin hydration, and fighting fatigue.

8 Treasure Herbal Tea. Photo by Joy Luck Yum Sing.

Egg tarts

Joy Luck Yum Sing will also sell Joy Luck Teahouse's signature egg tarts from Hoover Cake Shop.

The three versions that are available are Collagen Egg Tarts, Gold Egg Tarts flecked with 22-carat edible French gold flakes, and regular egg tarts in butter cookie crust.

To celebrate their opening, Joy Luck Yum Sing is having an opening special from March 31, 2021 to April 4, 2021.

  • Enjoy 50 per cent off the new Pearls of Joy series with any purchase of a box of four egg tarts.
  • Enjoy S$1 off any order of the Pearls of Joy series.

Joy Luck Yum Sing

Address: 107 North Bridge Road, #B2 - K10 Funan, Singapore 179105

Opening hours: 9am to 10pm, daily

Top images by Joy Luck Yum Sing and @funansg on Instagram.