Dee Kosh highlights his replies to online criticism after laying low for 7 months


Mandy How | March 26, 2021, 03:49 PM

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After months of lying low, 32-year-old Dee Kosh is once again making his presence felt on social media.

The radio DJ and YouTuber was accused of sexual harassment of minors in mid-August 2020, after one of the alleged victims posted an exposé to Instagram.

A few other users followed with similar accusations.

Since then, Dee Kosh has come under police investigations, been dropped by Night Owl Cinematics, and seen his own YouTube account going stale for the past seven months.

Online comments

In recent days, however, he has been quite active on streaming platform Twitch, and more notably, Instagram.

The YouTuber had taken pains to rebuke online criticism from members of the public, saying that he's "had enough" of such comments targeting him.

He shared two of the exchanges to his Instagram Stories on Mar. 24 and 25.

In response to a follower's message, Dee Kosh also updated that he will not resume making videos any time soon, as police investigations are still ongoing.

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Top image via Dee Kosh's Instagram page