Photo of Dee Kosh doing Corrective Work Order sends internet into flurry

In the public eye.

Mandy How | December 14, 2020, 06:37 PM

Months after his scandal which may or may not involve minors, Dee Kosh is once again thrust under the spotlight.

A photo of the YouTuber, whose real name is Darryl Ian Koshy, was published to Instagram page @sgtrashcollector on Dec. 13, 2020

He was captured mid-sweep and wearing a neon vest with the letters "CWO" (Corrective Work Order) tagged to it.

The photo was later reposted by @wakeupsingapore, who alleged that Dee Kosh was serving CWO for the offence of littering.

CWO is meted out to litterbugs and forces them to pick or sweep up litter in public areas for hours at a time.

The National Environment Agency (NEA) notes that it involves an element of shame that serves to deter littering.

As the photo comes with little context and information otherwise, internet users have also expressed their doubt on whether it was actually Dee Kosh in the photo.

However, Ryan Tan from Night Owl Cinematics (NOC) has confirmed that it was indeed the YouTuber himself.

As it turned out, Tan and Dee Kosh were caught for littering in December 2019, and later had to carry out CWO.

Tan said that he "did not deliberately hide it," and added that he had "never believed the world to be black and white," along with lines on saints and sinners.

Still friends

In subsequent frames, Tan indirectly addressed Dee Kosh's ongoing scandal, saying that he is not "not a judgemental person" and that he will stick with the YouTuber even if the latter had made a mistake.

Investigations still ongoing

In response to queries from Mothership on the previous accusations against Dee Kosh, the Singapore Police Force said that investigations are ongoing.

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Top image via @sgtrashcollector, Ryan Tan's Instagram account