Late Pulau Ubin dog Kopi-O's final resting place next to water just like how he liked it, owner allows public visits

Gravestone ready.

Belmont Lay | February 10, 2021, 04:48 AM

A gravestone for Kopi-O, the beloved late Pulau Ubin community dog, was finally placed on his grave, almost a week after he tragically died following a hit-and-run incident on the island.

Photos and videos of Kopi-O's gravestone and his grave were provided by a reader who personally visited the grave.

Following Kopi-O's death on Feb. 3, he was buried on the offshore island at an undisclosed location.

Details of his grave were scant, as Kopi-O's owner had requested for space to mourn privately.

Close to a week after Kopi-O's passing, understands that the dog's owner is allowing the public to visit the final resting place.

Owner allows public visits

To get to Kopi-O's final resting place, visitors have to look for a taxi driver on Pulau Ubin, who goes by the name Ah Koh.

Ah Koh drives a van, which has the PU160 plate number, and he would be the designated driver to bring visitors there.

Kopi-O's final resting place beside the water

Kopi-O's final resting place is beside a water body, according to a video showing its location.

Kopi-O was known to have no qualms immersing himself in puddles of water or in the sea, as he was an outgoing dog who stuck by his human companions.

Following Kopi-O's death, he was buried promptly by his owner and other Ubin residents in an unadorned grave.

Gravestone ready

On Feb. 9, the reader provided an update about a gravestone being made for Kopi-O and brought to the island.

A private ritual was held, which included offering meat and incense to Kopi-O.

The official birth and death dates indicate that Kopi-O was about two years and four months old -- six days shy of being two years and five months old.

Background on Kopi-O's death

Kopi-O, who has a legal owner, was a community dog on Pulau Ubin.

He died after he was believed to have been involved in a hit-and-run accident with a taxi on Feb. 3, 2021.

Island residents were so desperate to save Kopi-O that they brought him to a vet on mainland Singapore, but to no avail.

Kopi-O's reputation as the friendliest dog on the island was well-earned.

He left a lasting impression on many of the island's visitors, who became enamoured by his disarming and loving ways as he made friends with everyone and hiked long distances.

Following Kopi-O's passing and as news of his demise made it online, tributes poured in with Ubin visitors sharing photos and videos of Kopi-O, as well as commending him for being human-friendly, loyal and accommodating.

Kopi-O is survived by two siblings, Teh-O and Teh-C.

Following his burial, Kopi-O's brother Teh-O, was spotted mourning him atop his sibling's grave.

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