Beloved Ubin 'guide' dog Kopi-O dies after accident with taxi, leaves behind brother Teh-C

RIP Kopi-O.

Ashley Tan | February 03, 2021, 08:52 PM

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If you've been to the island of Pulau Ubin before, you might have come across some of its friendly resident stray dogs.

Coffee and tea

Two of the dogs that call the small forested island home are a pair of siblings, affectionately named Kopi-O and Teh-C by the people who live there.

The dogs are known for following visitors along trails around the island and acting as a "guide".

Here is the dark-coloured Kopi-O (hence the name).

Photo from Eugene Beh / FB

And his lighter-coloured brother Teh-C.

Photo by Zheng Zhangxin

Kopi-O was friendly to the point that he would simply chill beside visitors, and even chase away wild boars that came a tad too close to them.

Alleged hit-and-run

Tragically, it was revealed by a visitor that two-year-old Kopi-O died recently.

One Eugene Beh posted a tribute to the dog on Facebook. Beh described Kopi-O as the "friendliest dog in Ubin".

An Ubin resident who lives on a fish farm, Phillip Lin, shared in a post that Kopi-O was involved in an accident with a taxi.

Lin added that the accident was allegedly a hit-and-run.

A video Lin posted showed a man picking up Kopi-O's carcass, surrounded by flowers, and tucking it in a pit to be buried.

Here's to Kopi-O, the "friendliest" and most "fearless" dog on Ubin.

Photo from Eugene Beh / FB

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Top photo from Eugene Beh / FB and Khairi Woods / FB