Shaw Theatres at Nex to re-open April 2021 with 'Black Widow' & 'A Quiet Place Part II'

Your ducts don't fall, they crash around me.

Mandy How | January 16, 2021, 03:07 PM

Shaw Theatres at Nex will re-open in April 2021, about seven months after its closure.

A notice was put up on the cinema company's website to inform customers.

A ceiling ventilation duct had crashed onto cinema-goers on Aug. 30, 2020, during a screening of Christopher Nolan's "Tenet".

Two people were injured from the incident subsequently taken to the hospital.

In December 2020, it was discovered that the ventilation duct had fallen due to excessive condensation leading to accumulated water.

This dispelled a theory from a member of the public that the incident had been caused by ghosts and "black shadow monster[s]".

The chain of events was started by unforeseen excessive condensation, which led to a significant amount of water accumulating in the layer of acoustic material surrounding the Air-Conditioning & Mechanical Ventilation (ACMV) dropper duct.

Over a sustained period, the weight of the water overloaded the brackets that were supporting the ACMV dropper duct, causing the brackets to give way.

Other cinema owners in Singapore have since conducted checks on their ACMV systems and ducts.

Movies that will be screening in Shaw Theatres from April 2021 include "No Time to Die" (from Apr. 1), "A Quiet Place Part II" (from Apr. 22), and "Marvel Studios' Black Widow" (from Apr. 29).

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Top photo via Gregory Athanasius/Google Maps, Shaw Theatres