Uncle Roger impressed by Gordon Ramsay's fried rice, no 'Haiyah'

Not haiyah.

Belmont Lay | September 24, 2020, 11:42 PM

Uncle Roger, Malaysian comedian Nigel Ng's alter ego, has dissed BBC Food presenter Hersha Patel and celebrity chef Jamie Oliver for making subpar fried rice.

Patel rinsed her poorly cooked rice under the tap, wile Oliver added chilli jam into his version.

Since three is a pattern, it is almost certain Uncle Roger would find another target.

However, he chose to break the mould.

Uncle Roger approves

Instead of dissing celebrity chef and successful restaurateur Gordon Ramsay, Uncle Roger showered the British television personality with approval.

In Uncle Roger's latest fried rice video review, the comedian praised Gordon’s take on Indonesian-style nasi goreng.

What Ramsay did

Ramsay had utilised leftover rice, fresh chillies, sambal, and rendang paste -- good old fashion ingredients for the traditional taste.

He also made the dish outdoors using two woks.

Wins approval

Instead of "Haiyah", Uncle Roger said "Fuiyoh", which is slang for "awesome" if you are Singaporean or Malaysian.

Uncle Roger also called Ramsay "Uncle" -- the ultimate compliment.

Ramsay responded in the YouTube video's comments section:

Ramsay also dissed Oliver after getting praised by Uncle Roger:

Ramsay's fried rice video came out just two weeks before Uncle Roger's review:

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Top photos via Uncle Roger YouTube