'I hear my ancestors crying': Uncle Roger continues shtick, strongly disproves Jamie Oliver's egg fried rice


Siti Hawa | August 31, 2020, 07:38 PM

Uncle Roger, otherwise known as Malaysian comedian Nigel Ng, is back with another YouTube video about fried rice.

Ng had previously made bank with his reaction video disparaging BBC Food host Hersha Patel cooking fried rice.

This time, Ng reacted to a video of celebrity chef Jamie Oliver cooking egg fried rice, which Uncle Roger said he "hates".

Where your wok?

Photo via mrnigelng on Youtube

The video started with Ng asking Oliver, "Where your wok?"

Oliver can be seen cooking the fried rice with a saucepan instead.

Ng then explained that egg fried rice needs to be cooked using a wok because the wok gives the food flavour.

He continued, "Get the wok hei, no such thing as saucepan hei."

Don't sizzle spring onions

Photo via mrnigelng on Youtube

Ng also disagreed with Oliver's use of spring onions as "the first thing in the frying pan", explaining that it should not be sizzled and should be used as garnish.

Ng exasperatedly said, "nobody sizzle spring onions" and that the first step should be garlic.

He continued, "You hear sizzling, I hear my ancestors crying."

Putting jam in rice

Oliver then added an ingredient called "Chilli Jam" to the rice, which Ng called out as "disgusting".

Photo via mrnigelng on Youtube

Ng said: "First of all, what is chilli jam? Uncle Roger knows fresh chilli, chilli oil, chilli flake. Never heard of chilli jam. Is this how you trick white people to eating chilli?"

Tofu broken into pieces

Ng expressed shock and dismay when Oliver breaks the firm silken tofu up, explaining that when Asians cook tofu, it is important to preserve its shape.

Photo via mrnigelng on Youtube

Instead, Ng said that Oliver "tear apart the tofu like paper".

He continued: "I don't know if Uncle Roger can go on, this depression is too much".

Mulan is going to start singing

Photo via mrnigelng on Youtube

Ng also disproved of Oliver's wet rice.

He said: "This rice looks so wet. Look at this, you can see your reflection inside. Mulan is going to start singing when she sees this rice."

He ended the video by saying that Oliver is a professional chef, but he messed up all the steps and questioned, "Does this guy hate rice or something?"

Watch the full video here.

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