Cyclist jams brakes in yellow box & spews profanities against car driver along ECP

The cyclist's friend also cycled against traffic to confront the driver.

Jane Zhang | August 31, 2020, 12:20 PM

Singapore has seen its fair share of complaints about and accidents involving cyclists in the past few weeks.

One Facebook user shared a video of an encounter with some cyclists along East Coast Park Service Road, which unfortunately, turned ugly.

Cyclist cut in front of car, jammed on brakes

In a Facebook post on Aug. 31, a Facebook user who goes by the alias Chapo Quantico shared dashcam footage of his encounter with a cyclist near the McDonald's on East Coast Park Service Road.

Although the dashcam footage indicates that the incident happened around 3:50pm on Oct. 16, 2018, Mothership confirmed with Quantico that the incident occurred around 5pm to 5:15pm on Aug. 30.

Quantico explained in his post that he had been driving behind a pair of cyclists for about four minutes.

When the car in front of the Quantico turned into the McDonalds, he wrote, the cyclist then cut in front of his car without checking his blind spot.

In the one-minute video, the cyclist — whom Quantico described as Caucasian — can be seen cutting from the side of the road in front of the car and gesturing as he turns his body to look back at the car.

The other cyclist who was with him continued down the road.

Gif via Facebook / Chapo Quantico.

Cyclist stopped in middle of road spewing profanities

As a result, Quantico said that he honked at the cyclist and had to hit his brakes, which shocked his children who were in the car.

The cyclist can then be seen jamming his brakes, and Quantico said that the man "start[ed] pouring profanities [and] cursing and swearing".

Gif via Facebook / Chapo Quantico.

For about 11 seconds of the video, the man can be seen stopped in the middle of the road (and in a yellow box too), gesturing aggressively and yelling at the car driver.

Gif via Facebook / Chapo Quantico.

Quantico said that he rolled down his window to tell the man that he should not have cut into his lane, but that he decided there was no point engaging the cyclist in dialogue because he was "only spill[ing] vulgarities from his mouth".

Other cyclist rode against traffic to confront driver

After the cyclist rode off, he turned around once more to look at the car.

Gif via Facebook / Chapo Quantico.

Quantico then went around the cyclist to pass him.

However, the story didn't quite end there.

As the driver continued down the street, the cyclist's friend who had previously continued on returned, riding against the flow of traffic.

Gif via Facebook / Chapo Quantico.

He stopped in front of the car, gestured with his left hand, and then slowly turned around to continue riding.

Gif via Facebook / Chapo Quantico.

The dashcam footage then shows Quantico turning right onto Still Road South, and the video ended soon after that.

Sports Singapore's Safe Cycling Guide (PDF file) advises cyclists on the roads to check for traffic behind them and to avoid swerving or making sudden turns as drivers may not be able to react fast enough.

You can watch the full video here:

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Top photo via Facebook / Chapo Quantico.