S'pore Cycling Federation discourages large group rides after complaints & police reports lodged

Ride safely.

Ashley Tan | August 07, 2020, 04:20 PM

A number of accidents involving cyclists, along with reports of dangerous riding on the road, have increased recently.

The Singapore Cycling Federation has issued a response to this situation which they deem to be "getting out of hand".

The federation expressed concerns about such acts that could implicate others in the cycling community.

Complaints and feedback about group rides at Upper Thomson

On Aug. 6, the Singapore Cycling Federation posted to its Facebook to share that they had received some feedback from the cycling community and government agencies.

SCF stated that they were aware of large group rides occurring daily at Upper Thomson Road.

Photos and videos of "groups riding dangerously" have been circulating online and police reports lodged over cyclists' actions, SCF said.

As such, authorities would be stepping up surveillance and enforcement operations soon.

In their post, SCF appealed to riders to avoid joining such group rides.

SCF said:

"The situation is rapidly getting out of hand and the last thing we want is for the current cycling privileges to be revoked for the local cycling community."

SCF urged riders to keep to a maximum of five riders per group, to maintain safe distancing between groups, and to don masks after riding.

Chain collision involving several cyclists on expressway

Following the SCF's appeal to cyclists, a video showing a large group of cyclists, consisting of at least 15 people, on an expressway surfaced online.

According to the post by SG Road Vigilante on Aug. 7, the group ride took up almost the entire expressway after dark.

The group's momentum was disrupted when some of the cyclists swerved and fell off their bicycles.

Although how exactly the accident occurred was not captured on the cyclist's camera footage, at least five cyclists appear to be involved in the chain collision.

It is uncertain when and where exactly the accident occurred.

Top photo from SG Road Vigilante / FB