Charles Yeo facing legal action over Imran Rahim sexual misconduct allegations


Nyi Nyi Thet | August 01, 2020, 12:29 AM

Legal action is being taken against Reform Party member and lawyer Charles Yeo over his allegations of improper conduct by fellow lawyer Imran Rahim

Yeo put up videos and written posts on Instagram on July 21 accusing Imran of improper conduct, being a race traitor and highlighting that he is an active volunteer in the community who had been praised by Cabinet ministers before in speeches.

Imran subsequently released a statement regarding these allegations.

Imran wrote that he does not know why he has been the subject of attacks and is working with his company to assist in internal investigations.

On July 31, Yeo uploaded a post on Facebook claiming legal proceedings had been taken out against him, supposedly by Imran.

Later on the same day, lawyer M Ravi put up a Facebook post announcing that he would be representing Yeo in court.

According to the Facebook post, the lawsuit is seeking to "have the posts containing the aforesaid allegations taken down and is further seeking cost orders to be made against Charles".

Speaking to Today, Ravi said the lawsuit was filed last week under the Protection from Harassment Act.

Image via YouTube and Mediacorp broadcast