Almost 3,000 written warnings & 40 $300 fines issued to safe distance offenders on Good Friday: Masagos

Masagos said that the authorities will further strengthen the penalties, and may close more facilities if such irresponsible behaviour continue.

Sumita Thiagarajan | April 11, 2020, 12:20 PM

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Over 40 fines and almost 3,000 stern written warnings were issued by enforcement officers and ambassadors during the Good Friday public holiday yesterday (Apr. 10), said the Minister for the Environment and Water Resources, Masagos Zulkifli.

On Apr. 9, Masagos announced that a S$300 fine is issued to second-time offenders who do not observe safe distancing measures.

In his Facebook post on Apr. 10 Masagos highlighted that he was "extremely alarmed and disappointed at the number of individuals found flouting the safe distancing measures".

Possibility of strengthening penalties & closing more facilities

According to his post, people were found to be exercising together in organised groups, even cyclists.

Others were found to be loitering at a market by enforcement officers and ambassadors during the public holiday on Friday (Apr. 10).

Masagos warned that if such behaviour continues, the authorities will "further strengthen the penalties, and may close more facilities".

Over 20 cases required officers from SPF to intervene

He explained in his post that more than 20 cases required officers from the Singapore Police Force (SPF) to intervene, after refusing to cooperate with enforcement officers and ambassadors.

In one case, a group of delivery riders had apparently hurled vulgarities when ambassadors approached them.

Masagos said that such behaviour is "truly unacceptable".

"This is an extremely worrying time for us all."

Masagos highlighted in his post that "this is an extremely worrying time for us all" as the number of confirmed Covid-19 cases in Singapore has surpassed 2,000 cases.

As of Apr. 10, Singapore has a total of 2,108 confirmed cases of Covid-19 and the death toll increased to 7.

He ended his post by asking those reading his post to protect our elderly, as they are more vulnerable to Covid-19.

Masagos also asked people to watch the Prime Minister's speech on Apr. 9 and to share it with friends and family.

You can read his full Facebook post here:

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