Repeat safe distance offenders will face S$300 fine & be charged in court

Take note.

Nyi Nyi Thet | April 09, 2020, 03:04 PM

Despite the circuit breaker period in Singapore, there have been many people still going out and gathering in groups.

Here's how those people will be dealt with, if they are found to be breaching elevated safe distancing measures.

Said Environment and Water Resources Minister Masagos Zulkifli in a Facebook post on Apr. 9:

"We are into the 3rd day of our circuit-breaker and we are stepping up on enforcement.

1st offence: Stern written warning

2nd offence: $300 fine

3rd offence: Charge in court

Stern written warnings have already been dealt out."

Here is the full Facebook post by Masagos, who is also the chair of the SG Clean Taskforce.

"From today, our Enforcement Officers will immediately take down the particulars of anyone found to be in breach of elevated safe distancing measures. This is what you will face:

1st offence: Stern written warning

2nd offence: $300 fine

3rd offence: Charge in court

We need everyone’s cooperation for these circuit breaker measures to be effective. There are still many people who are not taking the COVID-19 situation seriously. Some are even uncooperative, insisting on dining in at eating places, not maintaining a safe distance when queuing in markets, and gathering in parks to eat or exercise together.

I urge everyone to make the right choice. #StayhomeforSG, and STAY 1-METRE APART. Remind your family members, especially the elderly, to stay at home. They are the most vulnerable, and we need to protect them. Remind also the young, who are out of school during this period, to meet their friends online, and not gather in person. Young or old — none of us are immune.

We can stop COVID-19 together. Let’s make these remaining 25 days count!"

A message he has emphasised before.

Image from Masagos Facebook