People spotted sitting around at hawker centre, long queues at Jurong West market

Stay at home where possible.

Tanya Ong | April 08, 2020, 12:40 PM

With the "circuit breaker" mode kicking in as of Apr. 7, Singaporeans have been advised to go out only to do "essential" things.

Only "essential" services, such as those providing food, are allowed to remain open. However, Singaporeans will not be allowed to dine-in.

Despite these measures, however, some people are still refusing to comply.

According to a Facebook post by Quincy Yong, she shared some photos of some people at People's Park Hawker Centre.

In her post, she claimed that people were gathering, dining in and chit-chatting with their friends.

Quincy Yong/FB

Quincy Yong/FB

Here's the Facebook post:

Some others have also shared photos on Facebook involving people sitting around:

Kai Hui/FB

Kai Hui/FB

In addition, a video shared to Facebook page All Singapore Stuff also showed long queues at Jurong West Blk 505 market:

In the video, a long line of people were spotted queueing for food, with safe distancing between each person in the line.

Here are some screenshots:

All Singapore Stuff video screenshot/FB

All Singapore Stuff video screenshot/FB

In response to the video, some pointed out that there was nothing wrong with what they were doing since 1) they are technically allowed to take-away food, and 2) they were abiding by safe distancing measures.

Some also mentioned that not everyone can rely on online delivery:

Others, however, felt that people should be putting in more effort to stay home:


Top photo via Quincy Yong, Kai Hui.


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