6 otters frolicking in Newton condo swimming pool & snacking on koi is true S'pore life goals

Living the life.

Ashley Tan| March 09, 06:43 PM

A video of a family of otters taking a dip in a condominium's swimming pool circulated on social media recently.

Atas otters

The video was originally taken by a resident, G.byun, and was then posted to Reddit and several Facebook pages like

target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Legit Singapore and Hello Asia Singapore.

These otters are, as some have described, "high-SES" ones.

Instead of playing around in Singapore's waterways, they've chosen to frolic in the waters of a private condominium.

The short 24-second clip showed the six furry creatures gambolling and splashing around in the water, which was later revealed by commenters to be the swimming pool at Park Infinia, located near Newton.

If you take a closer look at the video, one of them even appears to be snacking on what appears to be a bright orange koi fish.

This is what relaxation looks like.

[video width="226" height="400" mp4="https://mothership.sg/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/getfvid_89616174_2491020004493824_8830730408736849920_n.mp4"][/video]

Video by G.byun

According to The Straits Times, the curious sight took place on Mar. 8.

This isn't the first time otters have entered urban premises.

In 2019, six otters feasted on and beheaded pet koi fishes specially reared over many years.

In this latest incident though, the koi fish had reportedly been brought into the pool from elsewhere.

Otters likely entered through gaps in condo's fence

Local otter-watching group Ottercity elaborated on

target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Facebook that the otter family depicted in the video was that of the Zouk family.

The Zouk family is a spin-off the Bishan family, consisting of five adults and three pups, and had recently taken up residence at Singapore Botanic Gardens.

Ottercity believes that since the pups have grown, the family is likely traveling via canals to explore the surrounding areas.

The group also speculated that the water-loving mammals were attracted to the sounds of flowing water from the numerous water features and pools within the condominium, and had likely entered the premise through the gaps in the fence surrounding its perimeter.

They also stated that the National Parks Board, Acres and Otter Watch Group are in contact with the estate's management.

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Top photo from G.byun


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