I took as many fitness classes as I could in a day to maximise my S$15 one-day unlimited gym pass

From an unfit person’s point of view.

Olivia Lin | Sponsored | March 04, 2020, 06:59 PM

Like many Singaporeans, I’ve always been a fan of all-you-can-eat buffets because I like to stretch my dollar wherever possible (plus I can eat a lot).

So when I learned about its polar opposite existence, an all-you-can-exercise one-day fitness pass, I felt doubtful… but curious.

Photo by Olivia Lin

From as low as S$15 a day (with a PAssion card), I was able to attend as many classes at [email protected] Lim Green as my heart desired, and body could take.

Since I’d never been the athletic sort, I thought this full day of fitness would provide my body with the push it needed.

In a way, it was almost like going to a buffet with an empty stomach (not really).

Spoiler alert: I only managed to complete three classes out of the 24 daily classes available.

9am: Aerial Basics (Yoga)

For the uninitiated, Aerial yoga is a branch of yoga that involves having your body twisted, suspended, and flown around in a hammock.

Having your weight supported by the hammock means that you get to engage your core more effectively, and be able to do cardio more freely.

Although it has gained popularity in recent years, not many gyms provide Aerial classes, which is why I signed up as soon as I saw it in the imPAct gym schedule.

I stepped into the yoga studio feeling pretty excited. Swinging gracefully around in hammocks as a form of exercise? Sounds fun.

Photo by Chandel Tan

Photo by Chandel Tan

Boy, was I surprised when the class went from simple stretches to full on twisty, turn-y, and caterpillar cocoon-y. (My naïve mind didn’t expect all that to happen in a basic class.)

While my teacher deftly contorted her body with the hammock, I wriggled clumsily with mine.

Yoga instructor on the left, me on the right. Photo by Chandel Tan

Although it was nerve-racking to be suspended at first, being able to get into the positions was rewarding.

It also helped that the yoga instructor was very patient and didn’t judge my lack of acrobatic prowess, while personally guiding me through the various yoga poses.

After the class, I actually felt energised and ready for more. It was 10am -- The sun was shining, my heart was pumping, and the full day of gym sounded achievable.

12:15pm: Metcon

I went into the next class feeling like I could do this.

After all, I had managed to defy gravity in the morning.

But unlike the Aerial class, Metcon didn’t start out relaxing. In fact, it wasn’t relaxing full stop.

Metcon, which stands for metabolic conditioning, incorporates dynamic movements with lateral ones to help build strength.

Photo by Olivia Lin

We kicked off with some bike-riding, squats, and push-ups.

Then continued with even more bike-riding, squats, push-ups, pull-ups, and ball-throw.

Photo courtesy of imPAct

By the end of the 30-minute class, I was reduced to a piece of limbless jelly with a pounding heart.

For a lunch time class, I would say it was an effective and fast-paced session that woke my entire body up.

Definitely a session that’s perfect for working professionals in the area who thrive on perspiration and adrenaline rush during their midday break.

The aches and soreness in my muscles were beginning to form at this point, but it felt strangely gratifying knowing that I managed to pull through.

Seeing how high-powered the rest of the members were also pushed me to do my best.

6pm: Strength 101

By 6pm, with aches already forming in my muscles, I told myself to push for one more class.

The class was Strength 101, a one hour session which involved a routine designed with specific goals to help reduce body fat.

Photo by Olivia Lin

Using barbells, we did some squats and overhead presses.

I used the barbell alone with no additional weights, while the others just kept piling their barbells with more.

Knowing that I was a newcomer, my classmates were really encouraging and cheered me on during my turn.

Photo by Olivia Lin

Throughout the class, the instructor was very attentive, and told each of us what we could improve on.

It felt very personalised, but at the same time, unified. Everyone was working towards the same goal -- To become better and stronger together.

At 7pm, when the class was over, one of the members asked if I wanted to join the next Functional Fitness session with them, since it’s known to be a signature class at imPAct.

I pondered for a while, but decided to give myself a well-deserved break.

Photo by Olivia Lin

Sore muscles aside, the full day gym experience felt oddly satisfying at the end of the day. My rusty gears were moving again, and I felt motivated to become fitter.

Also, three classes are the equivalent of six crab legs at a buffet spread.

Very worth it.

Top photo by Olivia Lin


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Conveniently located near the Central Business District, [email protected] Lim Green is a new one-stop fitness and social space for working professionals.

Besides fitness classes, it also offers volunteering opportunities for busy working professionals, and professional development and lifestyle programmes such as the Hack Series – Microsoft Excel and Brush Calligraphy.

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This sponsored article in collaboration with [email protected] Lim Green nearly killed this writer.