Clap from your windows at 8pm, Mar. 30, to show support for frontline workers in S'pore

If you are doing something difficult at 7.59pm, you can pretend the applause is for you also.

Nyi Nyi Thet| March 29, 10:42 PM

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If you are at home, very likely, here's an event you can join in from the literal comforts of your own window.

It was organised by one Martin Verga. Here is his inspiration for the event.

"After watching highlights of the UK population #Clapforourcarers #ClapforNHS on Thursday night in an emotional setting, I believe we can do our own version of this for Singapore! For the doctors, nurses, carers, emergency services, delivery workers, warehouse workers, cleaners, supermarket staff and everyone else keeping Singapore safe and stocked at this time. We will be forever grateful.

On top of this I could not be prouder to live and work in a country where the government has been applauded on the worldwide stage for its response to the COVID-19 outbreak. The transparency of what is happening in Singapore with daily updates from keeping the population informed with honesty and integrity makes living through this ongoing crisis easier and more comfortable. For this they should definitely be included in the clap!

So how about it, Monday 30th March, 8pm, out of your windows, doors or balconies of your home we can clap as loud as we can to #SGUnited and let the people getting us through this tough situation be appreciated.

Imagine Singapore come alive from rooftops, windows and doors. It’s a sound I would love to hear take over the city in appreciation of all."

The event appears to have been warmly received so far, with over 1,500 going, and over 2,000 interested at the time of this article.

Here's a scene from the U.K. #Clapforourcarers movement that informed this particular event.

Other clappreciations have apparently taken place across the world.

You can join lap in the clap tomorrow, March 30, at 8.00 to 8.15pm. Just go to your window and clap.

You can find out more here.

Photo by Andrea Ang on Unsplash and Facebook


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