Full menu of Jay Chou's favourite bbt shop opening in S'pore Jan. 18, 2020

First look.

Mandy How | January 16, 2020, 08:39 PM

If you haven't heard, Jay Chou's favourite bubble tea brand is coming to Singapore.

It will open on Jan. 18, 2020 at Arab Street.

Photo by Kane Raynard Goh

Besides being featured in Chou's "说好不哭" (Won’t Cry) music video, the brand is also known as the "god of cheese teas", apparently.


Here's a look at their menu, which includes fresh teas, milk teas, fruit teas, and their drinks paired with their signature cream cheese foam.

Prices start from S$3.50 and go up to S$8.

Photo by Kane Raynard Goh

Like most bubble tea brands, ice and sugar levels are customisable.

Photo by Kane Raynard Goh

Photo by Kane Raynard Goh

Photo by Kane Raynard Goh

Photo by Kane Raynard Goh

Photo by Kane Raynard Goh

Brought in by local singer


Machi Machi is brought in by Project SuperStar almunus Hong Junyang and his friends.

The singer has wanted to own an F&B business since young, he reveals.

Having lived in Taiwan for many years, Hong got to know Machi Machi from there and decided to bring it to Singapore.

If you're wondering, no, Hong does not know Chou personally.

Address: 25 Arab St, Singapore 199724

Opening Hours:

11am - 9pm daily (from Jan. 18)

Top image by Kane Raynard Goh


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