CGTN video shows mostly empty streets & residents stocking up on groceries in Wuhan

Public transportation is restricted in the city.

Kayla Wong | January 26, 2020, 04:09 AM

The Chinese city of Wuhan has been placed under lockdown since Thursday, Jan. 23, in an attempt to contain the novel coronavirus.

A video released by CGTN on Saturday night, Jan. 25, has since offered a glimpse into the city.

CGTN is the multi-language arm of predominant Chinese broadcaster CCTV.

However, it is unknown when exactly the shots were captured.

Empty streets

Streets captured in the video were mostly empty, save for a few people wearing face masks.

The Wuhan government has mandated everyone to wear face masks in public places.

Residents have also been advised by the authorities to stay indoors as a precaution against the virus.

Screengrab via CGTN video

Screengrab via CGTN video

Screengrab via CGTN video

Screengrab via CGTN video

Roads were visibly more empty than usual as well.

According to AFP, local authorities have limited the number of taxis allowed on the roads since Friday, Jan. 24.

Didi Chuxing, the largest Chinese ride-hailing service, also temporarily suspended services.

Screengrab via CGTN video

Screengrab via CGTN video

The scenes were quite surreal considering the fact that Wuhan is the seventh-largest Chinese city with 11 million people.

Shops that remained open also urged their customers to wear face masks.

For instance, the sign below reads: "To our friends and customers, for the sake of your health, please follow the Wuhan local government's advice: Wear face masks in public, thank you for your cooperation!"

Screengrab via CGTN video

Similar scenes were also captured in videos shot by visitors:

People stocking up on groceries

Long queues at supermarkets were captured in the video as well, as people stocked up on groceries, ready to stay inside their homes for an extended period of time.

Screengrab via CGTN video

Screengrab via CGTN video

Screengrab via CGTN video

Screengrab via CGTN video

Health crisis in the midst of Chinese New Year

The coronavirus has hit China in the midst of the Spring Festival, which is typically celebrated by large gatherings and public celebrations.

Since the outbreak of the virus, at least 16 cities in China have been placed under lockdown to contain the virus.

Travel restrictions were also imposed on the cities.

In Hubei province, several stores and public places were shut down, and cultural performances were cancelled.

Shanghai Disneyland was also closed for an indefinite period of time starting from Saturday, Jan. 25, to control the virus outbreak.

Most recently, Beijing has suspended all inter-province buses from Sunday, Jan. 26, onwards.

All outbound tourist groups from China will also be halted starting from Monday, Jan. 27.

According to the Chinese authorities, there are at least 1,370 confirmed cases in China.

Cases have been confirmed in several places outside China as well, including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, France and the United States.

There is currently no vaccine for the virus.

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Top image adapted via CGTN video