Travel agency & S'pore lady in spat after she sustains second-degree burns during Europe trip

Oh no.

Mandy How| December 02, 05:39 PM

A woman is accusing travel agency Super Travels of shunning their responsibilities after she returned to Singapore from Europe with second-degree burns.

In response, Super Travel denied her allegations, and threatened to take legal action if she does not rectify the "factually false" complaint.

The incident first went public when the woman, known as Xinyu Atsuko on Facebook, wrote a length post on Dec. 1, 2019, some six months after her trip.

Boiling tea spilled

Atsuko had purchased a tour package from the travel agency to visit Spain and Portugal with her relatives in mid-June 2019.

On their second last day, the agency brought the group to a Chinese restaurant in Barcelona named Pato Pekin Restaurant.

Unfortunately, a waiter spilled a kettle of boiling on her lap, causing first and second-degree burns.

The skin on her thighs peeled off on the spot.

Here are some photos of the injuries.

Warning: Graphic images ahead.

Image via Xinyu Atsuko on Facebook

Image via Xinyu Atsuko on Facebook

Image via Xinyu Atsuko on Facebook

Image via Xinyu Atsuko on Facebook

Image via Xinyu Atsuko on Facebook

Image via Xinyu Atsuko on Facebook

Image via Xinyu Atsuko on Facebook

Image via Xinyu Atsuko on Facebook

According to her, the waiter "WALKED slowly" to get help with no sense of urgency, despite the fact that she was in agonising pain.

Image via Xinyu Atsuko on Facebook

Image via Xinyu Atsuko on Facebook

Subsequently, the "inexperienced" tour guide accompanied Atsuko to hospital trips and contact the Super Travels headquarters back in Singapore for help.

However, Atsuko claimed that the tour guide also stopped a tour member from questioning the restaurant's staff.

No follow-up action, traveller claims

Atsuko then said that there was no display of concern or follow-up action from Super Travels after she landed in Singapore.

Instead, the agency allegedly told her that the best they could do was to link her up with the restaurant directly.

Atsuko felt that Super Travels was being irresponsible, as the incident had happened during their planned itinerary.

"What are they trying to say? That the money we paid for, only covers tour guide + itinerary, when issue like this arise, they can’t do shit except helping you link up with the restaurant directly?"

For five out of the six months that have passed since the trip, Atsuko claims that there was "not a single call" from the agency about her recovery or settlement, even though she had reached out to the restaurant.

"Throughout the whole six months, after making sure I’ve contacted the restaurant, Super Travels became TOTALLY MUTE afterwards."

The traveller then warned others against the Super Travels.

In an earlier post in November, however, Atsuko says that the restaurant responded on Nov. 19.

Super Travels' response

Atsuko's post has gathered 602 shares at time of writing.

In response to her complaint, Super Travels commented on the post itself and implied that it was "slanderous".

During the holiday itself, the tour manager had allegedly visited the restaurant to enquire about the follow-up process, but discovered that the insurance company had rejected their claims.

Instead, Atsuko was supposed to "sue" the restaurant so that the compensation could be settled.

However, Super Travels claimed that it was Atsuko who did not submit the relevant details even after returning to Singapore, despite follow-ups from the tour leader and tour manager.

The restaurant also told the agency that they did not receive any report from Atsuko, and apparently added that they would liaise directly with Atsuko.

Super Travels then attached evidence of their conversations with Atsuko that took place on June 26 and Aug. 6.

Note: Green speech bubbles = Super Travels, white speech bubbles = Atsuko.

Image via Super Travels on Facebook

The message in Chinese was not related to the incident, and instead appears to be a quiz with sexual options.

Atsuko was allegedly trying to get the Super Travels representative to respond to the quiz.

Furthermore, Super Travels says that they have been following the matter even though they believed that the restaurant is liable for the damages.

Therefore, they are asking Atsuko to remove the all related posts, and to write an apology for sharing inaccurate information.

The agency said that they will be taking legal action if she does not do so.

You can read the original post here:

Top image via Xinyu Atsuko on Facebook


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