Grab M'sia takes customer's Twitter name too seriously, calls him 'crackhead' when addressing his complaint


Tanya Ong| December 03, 02:05 PM

Sometimes, people take to social media to rant about things that frustrate them.

Like food delivery orders that go undelivered.

Twitter complaint

For one Twitter user in Malaysia, he recently tweeted about a GrabFood order that he had allegedly been charged for even though it was undelivered.

In response, Grab Malaysia promptly got back to him within the hour, apologising for the situation and assuring him that they would do their best to assist with this unfortunate mishap.

In their response, however, they had taken the customer's Twitter name very seriously, addressing him by his Twitter name.

Which just so happens to be "crackhead".

Here's Grab Malaysia's reply:

Crackhead or tiredcroissant?

This immediately led the original Twitter user to ask, "are you calling me a crackhead":

Others were also quick to point out the hilarity of the situation.

But to be fair, the alternative was to address the user by his Twitter handle.

Either way, great service recovery.

Top photo via @tiredcroissant Twitter screenshot & Grab FB


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