S'pore man returns S$500 to lady who PayNow him wrongly, thanks angry keyboard warriors

Transferring the money back is tedious and time-consuming.

Melanie Lim| November 27, 03:20 PM

On Nov. 23, one woman in Singapore, by the name of Geraldine Phoa, took to Facebook to air her grievances that she wasn't able to get her money back after transferring S$500 to the wrong phone number via PayNow.

The phone number belonged to a man named "Koh Yeow Nguang", or "Roger Koh" as he is known on Facebook.

The careless mistake eventually blew up into a social media saga after Phoa's initial post.

What happened

According to both Phoa and Koh's accounts on Facebook, here's a summary of their exchanges:

• After Phoa transferred the money wrongly, both she and her husband sent a series of messages to Koh at around 2am on Nov. 23.

• Between 2:01am and around 2:11am, Koh said that he had received 10 calls from Phoa and her husband.

• Koh responded to the late texts that he will check.

• He did not reply to the subsequent messages which included a 6pm deadline that the couple gave at around 2:50pm on Nov. 23.

• Koh said that he ignored the messages as he was having meetings till late afternoon.

• Knowing that Koh owns a bak kut teh shop, the couple then went down to look for Koh, which led to an early closure of the shop.

• Koh said that he was not around and the couple even called the police to the shop.

• Koh also received a call supposedly from a police officer in the evening, who demanded him to respond and return the money.

• Koh then made a police report at around 3pm the next day on Nov. 24 and shared his account on Facebook.

Updates from Koh

On Nov. 26, Koh once again took to Facebook to provide some updates on the saga, while Phoa has taken down her initial post and accused Koh of "stealing".

S$500 found in dormant joint account

According to his post, the S$500 that Phoa had accidentally transferred to him was found in a dormant joint account.

He said that he would have to print his bank account statements, which is a "tedious and time-consuming" process before heading to Tanglin Police Station to return the money via cheque.

Despite the hassle that he has to go through, Koh hopes to put a rest to the saga.

In response to the Chinese media over WhatsApp, Koh said that he has done his part to tolerate the bother he has received and help such an angry young person who made a mistake.

He added that whenever things go wrong, one should also do some self-reflection and not just pin the blame on others.

Unaffected by angry keyboard warriors

In addition, Koh thanked his friends who believed in him and defended him on Facebook, quoting that they were "professional people with a good sense of logic".

Koh also attached two screenshots of strangers who sent him rather unkind messages.

Image via Roger Koh/FB

Image via Roger Koh/FB

Instead of getting upset, Koh said that he would also like to thank these "angry keyboard warriors", some of whom even left bad reviews on his bak kut teh shop following the incident.

He added that this incident showed more has to be done to inculcate the right values on the young so that the world can be a better place.

Here's his full post:

Top image via Roger Koh on Facebook


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