Pedestrian allegedly pushes cyclist food delivery personnel off PCN in Yishun, police shows up


Belmont Lay | November 07, 2019, 12:56 AM

A photo has been put up on Facebook on Nov. 6, 2019 showing a pair of Singapore police officers speaking with a woman in Yishun.

The context of the photo was provided by the post's caption, which alleged that a food delivery personnel cycling on the park connector network (PCN) in the Yishun estate was pushed off the public space by a pedestrian.

The pedestrian had also allegedly shouted at the cyclist, questioning if the food delivery personnel on a bicycle should be riding on the PCN.

The person attended to by the police is believed to be the pedestrian.

The incident occurred along Yishun Ave 11:

There were two personal mobility devices and one bicycle in the photo.

A total of three delivery personnel can be seen in the photo.

The friction between pedestrians and PMD users have been brewing, but this is perhaps the first time an alleged altercation of this nature over shared public spaces has attracted attention online.

The post was shared more than 1,500 in about three hours.

E-scooters allowed on PCN

Since Nov. 5, 2019, all electric scooters are prohibited from using public footpaths.

These PMDs are now not allowed on all roads, footpaths and grass.

If an e-scooter user encounters a public footpath, they will need to dismount and push.

E-scooters can only be used on shared paths, cycling paths and Park Connector Networks.

Some have tried creative ways to circumvent the ban.