PMD rider finds another loophole by riding on drain cover

They're just playing. Or are they?

Belmont Lay| November 06, 11:37 PM

Personal mobility devices in Singapore have been explicitly banned on roads, footpaths, and even grass turfs -- the one loophole that has now been closed.

But some PMD users are apparently not going down without a fight.


Cracking their brains to conceive ideas of where else they can ride their PMDs other than park connectors so as not to render their PMDs as white elephants overnight, one of them has hit upon an idea.

Utilising as much cunning as can be summoned, it appears PMD users have discovered a second loophole after riding on grass: Riding on drain covers.

Technically, drain covers are not footpaths and they are devoid of grass.

Of course, the video maker was just playing by making this suggestion into a skit.

Perhaps frustrated by how they are left with a device with wheels but with few places to ride on, the video makers were clearly venting to show what a ridiculous state they have been reduced to.

But are they?

Maybe they are on to something?

You can watch the full short video here:

[video width="362" height="640" mp4=""][/video]


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