S'pore Zoo visitors witness heartbreaking moment as pelican tries to revive dead friend

So long, feathered friend.

Julia Yeo | October 09, 2019, 06:32 PM

Talk about nature getting too real.

A British expat visited the Singapore Zoo with his two children on Oct. 6, and witnessed a pelican trying to revive its dead friend, whose body was floating on the water within the exhibit.

Pelican tried to lift dead friend's head out of water

In the video sent to The Sun via Jam Press, a pelican was seen trying to lift the head of the dead pelican out of water persistently, almost as if desperate to save its fallen friend.

A zoo staff was alerted of the incident and came in to retrieve the pelican

Pelican had underlying kidney condition

Mothership reached out to Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) for comment on the incident.

According to the WRS's spokesperson, the zoo's animal care team was alerted to a pelican that was immobile in the exhibit at about 10:50am on Oct. 6.

The bird was identified as one of the zoo's female Dalmatian Pelicans.

The attending keeper confirmed its death and removed its body from the water.

Early necropsy results point to cause of death as an underlying kidney condition, but further tests need to be conducted to ascertain this.

The spokesperson added that full results will only be available in about three weeks.

Top image via Dulyanut Swdp


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