US singer wears traditional Vietnamese outfit "with no pants", Asians not that pleased


Nyi Nyi Thet| October 14, 01:21 PM

Kacey Musgraves is a popular country singer from the U.S.

She was recently in Dallas for a performance.

It was her choice of attire that caused quite a bit of commotion.

Ao dai

Musgraves was wearing an ao dai, which is a Vietnamese national garment.

So basically, it is a long shirt, with cuts at the side, the wearer then puts on long pants and finishes the ensemble.

For example.

Image from Wikipedia

Image from Wikipedia

This was what Musgraves posted on her Instastory.

Image from Kacey Musgraves Instastory

Which set off quite a bit of backlash from those who saw the pictures.

Michelle Phan, a Vietnamese-American YouTuber, voiced her concerns as well.

It wasn't just Asian Americans who were offended though, some Vietnamese made clear their disapproval of the ao dai effectively being worn without pants.

In a now deleted Facebook post, Vietnamese actress Ngo Thanh Van wrote that the singer's choice of attire was "disrespectful" and showed "a lack of cultural awareness".

Image from Vanh's Facebook post

In an article by VnExpress, Vietnamese people further labelled it as immodest.

Some did defend Musgraves' right to wear traditional attire.

But even that was considered too lax on Musgraves.

Also, wrong headpiece.

Image from Musgraves' Instagram and Wikipedia


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