Cambodian flew 5,600km to Iran to support his team for World Cup 2022 qualifiers. Cambodia lost 14-0.

A very enthusiastic one-man show.

Fasiha Nazren | October 14, 2019, 04:23 PM

Football is often called the "beautiful game" for a variety of reasons, especially for the most loyal fans who follow the sport.

Take this Cambodian man, for example:

Flew 5,648 kilometres

The still-unidentified man is believed to have been the only Cambodian supporter at the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers between Cambodia and Iran.

The game was held at Azadi Stadium in Tehran, Iran.

The two countries are 5,648 kilometres apart and a flight takes about seven hours and 40 minutes.

However, the distance seems to be no obstacle for the Cambodian super fan as he brought along a huge Cambodian flag laid nicely behind him, three drums and a loudhailer to support his national team, also knows as the Angkor Warriors.

Photo from @goalstv3 on Twitter

Despite putting on a one-man show for the team, he probably left the stadium a little disappointed because the Angkor Warriors lost 14-0 against Iran.

Globally praised

But it seems like his efforts didn't go in vain.

The superfan went viral on Twitter for his enthusiasm and loyalty towards the national team.

And one Twitter user has gone as far as to call him the "most dedicated football supporter" in the world.

Women allowed in stadium after 40 years

But that wasn't the only impressive thing that happened in the stadium that day.

For the first time since 1979, women are allowed into the stadium to support the national football team.

It is reported that more than 3,000 women watched the match from a special women-only section.


Top image from @AECNewsToday &@goalstv3 on Twitter


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