Bubble tea app to track consumption & spending made by Subtle Asian Traits members


Mandy How| October 10, 05:47 PM

If you clicked into this article, you are likely a bubble tea drinker.

Congrats, because there's now an app to (further) guilt trip you.

While this is probably not the first in the market, Boba Watch is intuitive and comes with a well-designed user interface.

All you have to do is log in with your Facebook account and set a monthly limit for yourself (or don't).

This includes both money spent and number of drinks:

If you wish to make a new entry, tap on the "+" at the bottom of the screen and key in your drink.

The app then collates the information in various lists and charts.

It includes a chart which tells you what time of the day you most frequently drink bubble tea:

You can even make your profile public and share it with your friends.

Boba Watch is available on both desktop and mobile. The desktop app, which opens up in your browser, can be accessed here.

Instructions to download on Apple and Android can be found here.

Started by three bubble tea addicts

The app was started by three bubble tea addicts named Ryan Yang, Alexander Chen, and Callista Wu.

Yang shared the app to Facebook group Subtle Asian Traits on Oct. 9. His post garnered 6,300 comments.

He also clarified that they are not profiting from this, and do not intend to do so.

"We hope you check it out since we literally spent countless hours over several months making this which probably makes this the highest effort meme in this group. I mean, it literally does nothing else except record your drink consumption."

Yang added that the team may update the app with new features in the future.

Top screenshot via Ryan Yang and Boba Watch


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