M'sia defers VEP enforcement during "peak-hour traffic" after appointment delays

Malaysia hopes commuters will take this opportunity to register for the VEP.

Jason Fan| September 23, 12:13 PM

Malaysia's Ministry of Transport announced on Sep. 23 that it will defer the enforcement of the Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP), during "peak-hour traffic" until further notice.

According to the The Edge, This will affect all outbound traffic at both Bangunan Sultan Iskandar (BSI) and Kompleks Sultan Abu Bakar (KSAB), at Woodlands and Tuas Checkpoints respectively.

However, it is unclear how "peak-hour traffic" is defined.

Another fitment centre will be opened

In 2017, it was announced that all foreign-registered vehicles needed a VEP to enter Malaysia.

However, after several implementation delays, the ministry said that the VEP will be enforced from Oct. 1, 2019.

All foreign-registered vehicles without a valid VEP entering Malaysia would be subject to a RM150 (S$49) fine.

However, many Singaporeans faced issues in getting the VEP, citing a lack of appointment slots and difficulty in accessing the website.

Commuters were also frustrated that they had to enter Malaysia to install the radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags.

To alleviate some of these problems, the Malaysian transport ministry said that another fitment centre will be located at Kompleks Sultan Abu Bakar.

This is in addition to the current ones at Gelang Patah Southbound RnR, Plaza Angsana open carpark, Pandan RnR and Lima Kedai Toll Plaza.

The ministry said it hopes that with the opening of this additional fitment centre and the deferment, foreign vehicle owners will take this opportunity to immediately register for the VEP and get the RFID tag installed, in order to avoid any difficulties entering Malaysia in the future.

Top image from One Motoring.


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