Monkey in Thailand catnaps kitten, tries feeding it banana, doesn’t want to let it go

Everybody loves cats.

Julia Yeo | September 2, 2019 @ 04:31 pm


You love cats, I love cats, everybody on the Internet loves cats.

Monkeys, who share a common ancestor with humans, apparently also love cats even though they don’t use the Internet.

This is clearly the case after a monkey apparently catnapped a kitten in Klaeng, Thailand on Aug 31.

Its antics were caught on camera.

The monkey then took its feline friend for a ride on the wild side as it climbed onto roofs of houses in the neighbourhood with the kitten in tow.

Monkey tried to feed cat banana

Just like humans who cannot resist feline charms, the monkey then did what every person who has encountered a cat before tried to do: Feed it.

According to footage filmed by residents in the area, the monkey was seen trying to feed the kitten a banana.

The overly-friendly monkey even peeled the banana for the kitten before offering the fruit to his furry friend/ pet.

However, the kitten wasn’t interested and rejected the offer.

In fact, the kitten seemed rather frightened, according to witnesses, as it was possibly meowing in fear, and maybe, because of hunger as well.

Concerned about kitten’s safety

The residents mentioned that they were worried that the monkey would hurt the kitten, which was a valid concern.

Authorities were contacted to catch the monkey, to help pry the kitten away.

The kitten appeared to be safe after being rescued by officers, according to Morning News Bectero.

Cover image via Chan Dfc/FB

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