Man finds dead cockroaches in his PS4 & it's apparently common


Fasiha Nazren | September 16, 2019, 03:19 PM

If you have had a broken PS4, this may be the reason why: Cockroaches.

Cockroaches in PS4

On Sep. 14, Vito Gesualdi, a YouTuber based in Los Angeles, California posted a tweet of him getting rid of dead cockroaches from his PS4 console.

Yes, cockroaches.

Here are some pictures of his roach-infested PS4:

via @VitoGesualdi

via @VitoGesualdi

Filthy living condition?

In his tweet, he urged Sony to design smaller ventilation holes on the gaming console.

However, many people thought that the real problem lies with Gesualdi's cleanliness rather than Sony:

But Gesualdi isn't entirely to blame, though.

So common

Cockroach-infested PS4 consoles are "so common", according to video game website Kotaku.

In fact, there are several YouTube tutorials on how to fix a roach-infested PS4.

In case you didn't know, cockroaches love to be in dark and warm areas.

So, a toasty gaming console is just the perfect location for these critters.

How to prevent roach-infested PS4

If you own a gaming console and are katsadariphobic, there are some ways for you to prevent the nasty bugs from invading it.

For one, you should place it somewhere open with enough airflow and preferably high off the ground.

And you obviously have to keep your house clean because apart from filthy conditions, cockroaches are also attracted to moisture.

Another alternative is to just, you know, don't own a PS4.

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Top image from @vitogesualdi on Twitter


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