Survey finds 87% of non-smokers in S'pore bothered by secondhand smoke

The smoking cabin surveyed 958 respondents.

Joshua Lee | August 20, 2019, 06:54 PM

A recent survey found that non-smokers are bothered by secondhand smoke.

Conducted by Smoking Cabin SG, the company behind these contraptions that filter out secondhand smoke, the study surveyed 958 respondents, both smokers and non-smokers.

87 per cent of non-smokers said that they are often bothered by secondhand cigarette smoke.

Most smokers are also aware of the incidental effects of their smoking. 79 per cent of smokers said that their family and friends are bothered by secondhand smoke, according to the study.

Non-smokers prefer for friends not to smoke around them

The study found its respondents through two ways.

It was conducted online through a Google Form which was circulated through visitors to the smoking cabins. Random people on the street were also approached by Smoking Cabin SG staff to complete the survey.

Most of the respondents were aged between 21 to 40.

91.4 per cent of non-smokers said that they would prefer for their family and friends not to smoke around them.

Many non-smokers (80.8 per cent) also said that having less secondhand smoke due to a smoking cabin will influence their decision to visit a shopping mall.

Smokers think smoking areas can be improved

Smokers surveyed were also receptive to smoking cabins.

92.7 per cent of smokers said that they want to see more smoking cabins in Singapore, possibly because of the Orchard Road smoking ban which started in January 2019.

89 per cent of smokers agreed that the ban poses a "great inconvenience" to them, while 96.8 per cent said that current public smoking areas can be improved.

Smoking Cabin SG also said that their initial plan to have 60 cabins in Singapore was "too optimistic" and that they are trying to find a sustainable business model.

Photo by Petar Starčević from Pexels